Guess: apple 5 incredible new products

according to foreign media reports, although apple CEO Tim cook (TimCook) is not specified in the development of the company’s “incredible products”, he this week about smart TVS and wearable computing device’s comments show that apple is in the development of new products.

ubs analyst Steven rice lu Norwich (StevenMilunovich) said that apple is developing, and possible future to market products including analysts expect apple to be launched later in the year of interactive television, and apple fans called iWatch wear on your wrist computing devices.

apple patent application after detailed analysis, rice lu Norwich selected five “apple for a large number of patents, and could launch a new product” areas: electronic wallets, smart pen or iPen, new game technology, iWatch, its equipment and automotive integrated technology. While admitting that the patent is apple possible clues to product planning, rather than the “perfect predictor, but rice lu said Norwich, in order to promote the business continues to grow, apple needs to new product.

rice lu Norwich, according to a report published yesterday investment “despite innovation gene apple claims, but the development of new products is very difficult. After the success of the iPhone to find great success opportunity is almost impossible.”

but it is not impossible. Cook this week at a meeting in AllThingsD, said apple’s new products in development “unbelievable”, but did not disclose the release date. Reengineering electric visual products “is” we are very interested in a field, wearable computing devices such as smart watch “incredibly interesting”, there will be a “significant” new products. However, represented by GoogleGlass intelligent glasses “hard” has become the mainstream products, because, unless absolutely, most people don’t wear glasses.

the cook at the conference said, “in the past for some time, we have been developing some incredible products, we have an incredible creativity. Development of the iPhone, iPod, iPod and Mac culture and talents. I think our new product will change the industry landscape.”

rice lu Norwich think, correction may be cook and his team in the development of new products:

1. The electronic wallet. Given the iTunes users more than 500 million, run on the iPhone’s electronic wallet service has a huge potential users. Rice lu Norwich said. “we always thought that the advantage in design will enable apple to launch on the market is easy to use, the most concise and products with high levels of integration.” Apple “based on the geographic location of the payment options” patent also shows that apple will release a payment application, have “location tracking management functions, make consumers get maximum return”.

2. IPen. Some companies have introduced a smart products, however, apple can support feedback technology, can be used in the new painting software, new game interactive “reengineering” wisdom can pen pen products market. Rice lu Norwich said. “in addition to the existing intelligent pen functions, such as recording, the script into the text, the iPen shall also be iPhone peripherals, key chains, etc.” If the price is set at $250, iPen will give apple “bring huge revenue”.

rice lu Norwich, points out that as early as in 2008, apple has obtained a patent intelligence pen, “even though it may be a precautionary measures taken by the apple, but it does suggest that apple patents related to the smart pen in actively”.

3. Integration with cars. In addition to the mobile device to sync with in-car entertainment systems patents, provide the technology of Siri can be used to access the menu, apple has also opened the car door, start the engine and other technical patents. Apple also applied for a patent in 2011, to help users to locate their own car in the parking lot.

4. Game. The iPhone, apple, and iPod to reduce the importance of handheld part of apple’s patent shows that it may develop a multiplayer game system, including geographic location information, the player can play virtual/real mixed. Relative location technology can also be used in concert, railway station, and Disney World for someone. A patent is related to the “turn the button” underscores apple’s interest in entertainment. Rice lu novy noted, turn the button on the main purpose is to control, including control TV menu or console.

5. IWatch. Developing in the past few months about apple to wearable devices and wearable device principle and application of news to grow. The application of wearable computing devices including start the application, with pay for trading, to alert users to important telephone calls and e-mails. Apple is not the first company to launch of wearable computing devices, but elegant design and concise interface will help apple to gain greater success in the market.