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graduated from guangzhou university From the hotel waiter to alibaba CEO

jack ma resigned as CEO of alibaba, at that time be a focus topic. The legend of how will the fate of the enterprise in the future, create god words ma left, who can take over, continue to support the alibaba in the future, become the puzzle of speculation. Until the answer – the emergence of Mr. Lu, let all the dust settles, people know Mr. Lu should feel this is unexpected and understandable results. According to some analysis of the data of the media has publicly, Mr. Lu from the hotel waiter to alibaba’s experience, seemingly mysterious, in fact, many of them. No one will be overnight success, just behind the “night” with his personal efforts and wisdom. What Mr. Lu the behind what is the secret of success is worth in the workplace struggle of people study and draw lessons from, let’s comb his career development experience.

every period of career development experience has different harvest

for Mr. Lu, ma in public evaluation is: participate in ali’s culture and organization construction, has trained numerous talents, but also have their own unique leadership style and charm, has a new transaction appreciation and learning ability, judgment and determination of key issues, and strong execution and optimistic and tenacious perseverance. What is a professional development experience can let Mr. Lu have so many excellent ability?

in hong xiangyang xiangyang chief occupation career planners view, Mr. Lu At first the experience working in a hotel, help him to complete understanding of the enterprise operation and management; Later, he resigned from the hotel opened a small company do Internet long-distance telephone business, at this time also happens to be Mr Ma founded China’s first Internet business information website “Chinese yellow pages”. Now it seems that he is a man who is very keen to market, he this transformation can be said to be quite successful, the aim was the lifeblood of the era development.

later, after he entered the alibaba Internet in 2001, Mr Ma to self-built payment platform, the “mission impossible” landed in Mr. Lu’s head, and then he took team works down; After he took office pay treasure CEO, under his helm, up 50% market share; In early 2008, alibaba pushing personal online, Mr. Lu and become taobao CEO, within the term of his taobao clinch a deal amount up eight times. He not only in the business has achieved good results, recognised by jack ma, the whole team also made a high evaluation to him.

in addition, in February 2011, ugly smell for B2B part supplier fraud, CEO David wei resignation, Mr. Lu reimbursing namely, serving as a B2B CEO; In September 2012, in the Google kill ali’s mobile phone operating system after the cloud OS, Mr. Lu and ordered and Ren Yun OS President. Carrying high voltage reimbursing twice, he is a a difficulty to overcome. It is not only exercise his problem solving, leadership, decision-making, especially at high pressure raised his ingenious psychological quality, it is very precious and valuable experience.

Steve jobs once said, let not man can foresee the earth be filled with the life intravenous drip together, only when looking back, you can find a link between these dribs and drabs. Mr. Lu’s experience also is such, every experience, every bit of accumulation is very important. A person’s success, it is a process of accumulation, didn’t happen overnight. Every experience all-around and forging the Mr. Lu, today is the result of a follow.

four advice of professionals

to Mr. Lu’s success, hong xiangyang think, as a typical form of start from the basic step by step to success, although Mr. Lu from ordinary, but his career path of growth, with commendable place many, many people in the workplace should learn.

the first, people in the workplace now blundering wind prevails, blind job-hopping frequently, are hard to make achievement in a post is to “game” can’t wait for other places. Actually, can just hold your horses, on the practicalities of doing things, is the crucial point of success.

second, strong execution. Mr. Lu reimbursing twice, first to deal with the crisis situation, and not only for Mr Ma to arrange “mission impossible” also with the team to conquer the difficulties. Strong executive ability, is a need to constantly training ability, need through the steady accumulation of knowledge, skills, improve the ability to solve the problem, at the same time, resistance to pressure, the psychological adjustment ability needs to be trained, to prop up strong execution. Some people had some difficulties in flat often work, try one or two gave up and feel that things are “impossible”. It might as well change a way of thinking: “not can’t do that, but I had not found.”

third, be loyalty to the enterprise. Whether Mr. Lu before hotel work experience, or the back into the alibaba, could see that he is a professional high loyalty. To change jobs, while “development” and “salary” is not thick, but from the perspective of the general rule of the career development, in long-term accumulation down than to move around an enterprise must depend on the spectrum of many to a promotion for a raise. Workers are an effective way to improve loyalty is a clear career goal and professional set, and thus completes the medium and long term career planning, so you don’t because of petty profit and ignore the long-term development.

4, heroes do not ask the source, record of formal schooling is not the most important. The record of formal schooling that Mr. Lu What is guangzhou university, not famous, but this did not prevent him from alibaba’s successor. Although Mr. Lu later read the ceibs EMBA, but that was later when gold-plated executive phase. But Mr. Lu also very lucky, met not only schools bole — jack ma. Ma once said, don’t like the school, only need to third grade school talent. “I was never in the traditional sense of the outstanding students. Early examination of high examination of the two. University study for three times before the hangzhou normal college, and by the specialized undergraduate course.” Ali some old technical staff, is a third grade school.

source: guangzhou daily