Grey space iPod low-key launch, analysts believe the iPod update in the short term there will be no more obvious

in the iPhone 5 s fanfare, apple’s official website today low-key launch space gray ( Space Gray ) version of the iPod . Coincidentally, the iPhone 5 s also there is a gray space. Previously, the color did not appear in the apple’s products.

so far, the iPod Touch , iPod Nano , iPod Shuffle basically introduced space gray version. The iPod Classic and iPod Touch there is no this color.

it is understood that the color of the iPod have been sold in the apple store, price and other original color iPod the same.

some analysts think, does this mean a subtle change in the short term, we will not be able to see apple iPod major update. For example, iPod Classic 2009 years, apple has not obvious change on it.

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