Grade: high-end atmosphere Dronestagram, street view of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) eyes

is a New online website, is still in a beta version, names from two words spell: unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) Drones , a famous photo sharing application them . That the site is stem what of?

as the name shows, it is actually for the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) edition them , users can browse, published on the website the earth landscape of drones. Web site has a wonderful bird ‘s-eye view in many areas of the world.

how to join the site? As long as registered mail. If you have a drone, that you can take pictures of the upload to share, if you don’t, it’s just look at the picture also is fun.

unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developing rapidly recent years, besides is widely used in military reconnaissance and attack, there are more and more private users begin to have a drone, of course, which is given priority to with dozens of kilograms levels of small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The part of many countries, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight airspace allowed.

picture together.