Gossip: nearly 150000 received xiao-long zhang lei jun

according to reports coming from the first financial journalist ivy, millet, founder of science and technology and the fire through the reds xiao-long zhang lei jun had a historical origin. Nearly incorporated xiao-long zhang lei jun.

here is ivy fact:

in fact, as early as 1998, lei jun, general manager of golden hill software has been chosen Foxmail, he was also had acquired.

one day in September 1998, find the login Foxmail secret BUG lei jun, according to the email address of Foxmail software left, send a letter to xiao-long zhang. Xiao-long zhang also respond quickly, and left his phone number in the mail.

lei jun first on the phone told xiao-long zhang to find bugs. Xiao-long zhang on the end of the line: “a lot of people have problems reflect the secret, I didn’t understand the problem in where, thank you.” Bloggers YangMiao science and technology, some problems found in more than a decade later WeChat and find xiao-long zhang, YangMiao said xiao-long zhang is with the above this level and humble tone.

on phone, lei jun know xiao-long zhang a system integration company work in guangzhou. Lei jun to euphemisms can (sell Foxmail) to jinshan? Xiao-long zhang response: 150000. The phone is almost finish.


lei jun says, 150000 is both sides can accept the price of the phone at the time, was going to invite xiao-long zhang to zhuhai jinshan negotiate the specific details, but because you are busy lenovo capital jinshan, sent to and xiao-long zhang negotiate developers think that such a software, jinshan also can make in 1 ~ 2 months to come. So it is vanishing.

in March 2005, tencent Foxmail. Tencent: why do you want to purchase Foxmail? At that time, Foxmail team including xiao-long zhang, only more than 20 people, the user is less than 5 million.

ma told reporters at the time, tencent is more about Foxmail technology and customers. At the time, just over 100 million domestic Internet users, the next three or four years, Internet users have multiplied. Ma believes that this period of time, time is the key to tencent for customers. In Foxmail 5 million users, has 3 million users is not covered by tencent previously.