Google’s not appear on the I/O does not mean that there is no inventory Android new system, new equipment

now fully opened. Today early morning, Google has completed keynote speech full of announcement. But if there are some things, Google hasn’t published in the announcement? The answer is yes. Although many of the highly anticipated release information all have no, but in the next three days, they are still worth I look forward to, pay close attention to. Now, let us to comb the don’t release.

this year Google IO is full of beautiful things, detail, news and announcements. But no people have been longing for such as usual Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 release, such as Google Glass parachuting out large scenes. Differs from the past, the whole game embodies the Google “bringing in” to developers. We know that this year’s conference will be “developers conference”, but we have no idea it is fully compatible with the intention of a previously released, only these, no superfluous.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or 5.0 Key Lime Pie in where?

to a new version of Android, Google at the conference did not say a word. But in the past, it was the most brilliant event for the meeting. We have seen or heard about the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (rather than a Key Lime Pie) of all kinds of reports and rumors, and we are sure that the new Android was already in the testing phase.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie has been the focus of the debate, people curious about the next generation of Android will be named after what to. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any news about them today. Google confidently at the conference pointed out that Android is rapid development, now Android worldwide active users has reached 9 , doubled within a year. But the strange thing is, in the face of such a huge user community, Google did not provide any questions about users care most about system updates. Even if it is revealed that a little bit, I can also serve as the “insider” nagging with you for a long time about Android 4.3 or 5.0, is not lucky, you just as much as I know. Key Lime Pie are estimated to come out until October, and the Android 4.3 May as the incremental upgrade service available in the near future.

500 one hundred million app downloads, the high digital let Google wouldn’t be so anxious to release upgrade. Google had to say to want to upgrade immobilized, it will provide years of upgrades in the future. In fact, it is reflected the Google has grown into a high speed, stable, first-class mobile system provider. Though today we did not enjoy the new version of the service, not to talk about, but Android off still let us excited.

Nexus device or hardware

a few weeks, we have been reported about the news of the second generation of the Nexus 7. LTE obviously Motorola XFON forthcoming, and configure the Nexus of 4 also seems to be. Unfortunately, today’s Google I/O, but there was no any news about the hardware device. (well, if you think there is no TouchWiz Galaxy S 4, that I have no language) lots of people are looking forward to the new hardware, but Google did not bring any message to San Francisco today.
On the contrary, Google to developers and guests introduced its memorable this Pixel and Google version of the Samsung GALAXY S 4. The GALAXY S equipped with Android 4 out of Jelly Bean. Shocked, but you really don’t see the wrong, is out of Jelly Bean. In this regard, the Galaxy S 4 is the only hardware leading role of the general assembly, although it is built-in Android has issued for a period of time. GS 4 launch next month, pricing 649 $.

Google TV and Nexus Q

this year we also hope to get more details about Google TV, because it didn’t show up last year. But we know so far is just Google TV will configure the upgrade version of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (just the news is not derived from the Google I/O). It seems, Google TV in Google people there do not be taken into account. And, of course, Google TV and the Nexus of the same status Q. Nexus Q announced last year that issue, but as to the listed has been cancelled. Many people think that Google will launch upgrade Nexus Q, but also seems to have no action.

Google glasses

I don’t think people don’t know (Google glasses), it is appropriate to wear and equipped with computer intelligence technology. Last year Google glasses is really cool, a few of Google glasses as paratroopers of the airborne Moscone Center. How much we hope to be able to as same as last year, once again experience the exciting moment. Did not mention Google walks to the Google glasses. Although Google glasses r&d staff are wearing sunglasses, but today the IO don’t have any details about eyes.

if you are still looking forward to today can have a sensational news about Google glasses, then you are sad. Today’s meeting we haven’t heard any news about it. It is said that Google glasses system has been upgraded to XE5, of course, these upgrades or provided to the testers. I have been looking forward to Google glasses can have what big discovery, but now I’m a little little disappointed. A hilarious episode in the conference, Larry Page (Larry Page) on Robert Scoble said, he don’t like to see Robert Scoble Google glasses take a shower of the photo.

about Google’s latest system upgrade, the new hardware, the Nexus of 5, and other things, we will continue to wait, this week, Google I/O continue, followed by three games developers conference. We will give more latest news for you, stay tuned. We really want to hear your idea about the Google I/O. Google I/O satisfy your expectation? No more hardware information, do you feel depressed? Let us know!