Google’s little: through the Android may learn that most global WiFi password

if the Android device (phone or tablet computer) is logged in a wi-fi network, then Google (weibo) might know the password of the wi-fi. Given the current carrying of Android devices around the world, so Google is likely to know the most of the world’s wi-fi network password.

in the near future, the market research firm IDC said in a report, in the second quarter of this year the Android shipments reached 187 million units. Convert, shipments will reach 748 million units this year the year of Android. But that figure does not include the Android tablet.

most Android tablets, and mobile phone users due to improper setting will backup password back to the headquarters of Google. Although Google never say so straightforward, but Google apparently can read password.

since Android version 2.2, the default Settings of Android devices will disclose to Google wi-fi password. Because of this function by the user as a friendly setting, the majority of users generally won’t change it. American security experts Michael? Horowitz (Michael Horowitz) in the United States IT site ComputerWorld, he suspects that many Android users have never seen even control the function of the configuration options. After all, there are a large number of system setup needs users to set. Even if someone happened to see this setting, probably won’t go into details of its privacy meanings behind.

in particular. The Android 2.3.4 version of the operating system, enter the “Settings”, and then enter the “privacy” option. In HTC devices, unconscious leaked wi-fi password way is to Google “backup my Settings. Samsung device, a homogenous option is a “backup my data”. Google in this process is only about the user to backup data and Settings, and no warned the move would reveal that the wi-fi password.

in the 4.2 version of the Android operating system, enter the “Settings”, and then enter the “backup and reset” option, and then a “backup my data” option, the related description is “the application data backup, passwords and other Settings to Google server”.

needless to say, “set” and “application data” are vague expressions. The Android 2.3.4 “user guide” on page 374 of the above two words a more detailed explanation. Content is roughly: “through” Google Account “(Google Account), you can put some personal data backup to Google servers. If you change the mobile phone, before you can restore the backup data. If you decide to use this option, a lot of personal data will be backup, including wi-fi password, browser bookmarks, and installed applications, and so on.” In addition, in the Galaxy Nexus “user guide” in the 97 – page for Android 4.0 made a detailed description of the backup function.

from the point of view of the above, the backup data or set, allows users to more easily to the new Android devices synchronize data. Google, however, can really get wi-fi password, just not say out.

technology website The Register further pointed out that “stored in The device list of wi-fi networks and password, may not only confined to The user, include hotels, shops, a library, a friend’s house and office and other places. Google and other companies will join them over the years to create this information map of wi-fi hot spots. If such data are detailed analysis of other agencies, the privacy of our users are likely to be others know.”

in the face of the risk of privacy, the good news is that Android users can close the control box, select exit. The bad news is that, like other American companies, Google also will be affected by the U.S. government agencies, under duress, secret users’ personal information. If only is wi-fi, the national security agency (NSA), the central intelligence agency (CIA) and the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) may not need the hacker and decoding experts. As long as Google cooperate, connected encryption and random password length all to no avail.

in the horowitz’s opinion, Google is not deliberately betray users, just had to. A few days ago, yahoo CEO marissa? Mayer, Marissa Mayer said, if the disclosure of government secrets will face a jail. Encrypted email service Lavabit although selection and other U.S. companies of different road, but ultimately the business just one operation.

Google is not the only to do so. The cloud storage service Dropbox can read user files stored on its services. Microsoft also can read the user in the SkyDrive file. In addition, the Washington post reported in April, password expert Matthew? (Matthew Green, Green) by a simple experiment can prove apple can also read the user’s called iMessage — information. Using the same method, but also can prove that Google is able to read the user’s wi-fi password.

experts suggested that Android users if you need to use wi-fi in the home, should consider to provide guests through a router Network (Guest Network). Although through the Android into private network without being Google remember password is not realistic, but can use the guest network when needed, to shut it down when not in use. In addition, you can in the case of not affect personal wireless devices periodically change the guest network password.

source: tencent technology