Google’s free telephone artifact: beat North America with Hangouts number completely free!

revealed today, built-in in Gmail and Google + Hangouts already can voice calls. Previous Hangouts only have text chat and video chat. Also, not only limited to the Hangouts voice chat between friends, you can now directly through Hangouts to dial landline and mobile phone number. In addition the best news is: through the function call the North America (Canada and the United States) is completely free! No matter you are in which country is the call! (calls to the US and Canada are now free from all countries where Hangouts calling is.)

in addition, if you call the rest, and far lower than Skype charge standard.

this function is actually the Google Voice. Google is fulfilling its commitment of “integrating Google Voice into Hangouts”. Recently, Google Voice by Google to suspend the function call, according to the official, “it is now back in more perfect form”.

is Google Hangouts, it depth integration in Gmail, Google +, also provide application Chrome version, iOS and Android version.

the voice dialing function is limited to Gmail, Google + Hangouts and Chrome extension version, which is used on the PC Hangouts three ways.

Google hasn’t presentation will not update the mobile version of this function Hangouts applications. If the latter is true, it is likely to encounter operator’s strong opposition. If the north American free calls, the operator still what voice service to sell?