Google’s $1.1 billion takeover of Waze American antitrust investigations

Beijing time June 23 morning news, Google confirmed on Saturday, the federal trade commission (FTC) attorneys have contact with the company to investigate Google bought for $1.1 billion Waze mobile navigation service trades. The deal to be completed in mid-june.

Google spokesman declined to comment on the details of the FTC antitrust investigations. FTC spokesman has yet to comment. Some antitrust lawyers said the FTC is unlikely to require Google to stop the deal. If you want to stop the transaction, the FTC to prove, digital mapping has been affected by the market competitive.

due to the revenue rarely Waze, so Google acquisition Waze trading will not automatically trigger the FTC’s antitrust investigation. However, the FTC can choose after the deal is being investigated. Familiar with the U.S. government antitrust lawyers said the FTC may have asked Google to suspend the Waze integration, for investigation.

FTC need to be sure, whether Waze has become a direct competitor of Google. At present, the Google map is to be the leader of the digital mapping and navigation market. FTC will also determine whether, such as E-mail evidence that Google acquisition Waze just in order to prevent the acquisition of the competitors.

according to sources, the other potential bidders including Waze Facebook and apple. Facebook currently rely on Microsoft’s bing maps, while apple is used in apple map service information from Waze. Facebook and apple declined to comment on the news. Microsoft has previously said that the company is the investor Waze, but there is not clear whether Microsoft is interested in buying Waze. On the market of other digital map providers include nokia, TomTom and non-profit OpenStreetMap.

Waze headquarters is located in Israel. The company said it has 45 million users to download its navigation applications, users in 190 countries. Google says, Google maps users reached 1 billion. Waze mobile GPS information is used to understand the status of the traffic on the roads, and planning the best route for drivers.

Google in mid-june, said will make Waze Google to independent development, but Google maps will integrate Waze traffic data, and Waze will integrate some Google maps technology. Through to the other website and mobile applications to provide the authorization of Google maps, Google had some revenue, but Google did not disclose the relevant revenue Numbers. To the purchase price, the Google acquisition Waze deal is the company’s fourth largest trading scale 15 years history.

earlier this year, the FTC over long on Google Internet search and search advertising business, not to Google to ask for any legally binding. The FTC recently on the Google display advertising business.

source: sina science and technology