Google will rent the best buy of more than 500 square meters area, suspected of selling Google glasses to prepare for next year

the most the most anticipated wearable devices, Google glasses any messages, it pulls the nerve of the users and the media.

recently, foreign media reported BGR technology, leading technology blogger Robert scoble wrote in its Google +, he has already heard the news: Google is planning next year at Best Buy (Best Buy) rent a 6000 – square – foot (557 square meters). His analysis, which is perhaps Google to display and sell to consumers Google glasses.

the apple, Microsoft and samsung are at best buy stores have their own the inn in inn, in order to broaden the sales channels.

former Google CEO Eric schmidt in April this year in an interview with the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) has said that Google glasses from entering the market have a year or so of time. Schmidt said at the time, “a few months later there will be one thousand people use this product, we will be based on user feedback to adjust Google glasses. But just tell, this product from entering the market and more than a year.”

scoble is a super otani powder, as the first batch of Google glasses testers, he had found in Google glasses occasionally have certain waterproof function.. At Google I/O conference, Mr. Schmidt also don’t forget to make fun of the matter, he said to scoble: “I don’t think your photos have what good-looking of.”