Google will launch AdID instead of a third party Cookies: let users, advertisers, and networks to realize win-win

according to USA today reported that Google is building a tool can track user online activity – AdID . It is reported, this tool can be realized with the existing Cookies the same function. People familiar with the matter, Google will put through AdID data for advertisers.

although the official not to open the program, but in an interview, Google said: “we believe that a powerful technology can be based on user privacy, for the Internet bring economic benefits to enterprises. Google and other companies, in efforts to achieve this vision, but all of us are in the toddler stage.” USA today said in the report, Google will in the next few weeks or a few months, launch AdID tools.

however, as people focus on privacy, as Google has huge user data, while bring convenience to people, also met with some “outrage”. Still, Google has never slow down the pace of dedicated to collect user information. The introduction to replace third-party cookies tools, seem to indicate to us the fact that Google is not only to become the owner of the information, more to be a process of standard setters. A typical example is: Google announced that advertisers only abide by the relevant privacy regulations made by Google, to obtain from AdID data.

of course, users don’t need too much fear. Google official said that Chrome browser allows the user to limit and even block certain advertisers to their online activities. In addition, users can also create multiple AdID account information, so that you can “anonymous browsing”.

it is reported that so far, Google Chrome has occupied the world browser 42% of the market. In addition, the Internet giants, will also be a third of the world’s online advertising revenue into a bag.

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