Google will be free Office on the iPhone

Beijing time on April 3, according to foreign media reports, after months of waiting, Google is finally on the iPhone platform introduced a separate version of Quickoffice, a move that greatly improve the efficiency of the collaboration between the user and the others, because now can not switch to the Google Docs application.

Google is published on Tuesday in the application of updates. Quickoffice is now upgraded to apple iOS 6.0.1 system can support. In December last year, Google has launched only support the version of Quickoffice, this update will be the first to fully support multiple apple products in Google. Quickoffice this app was initially can support multiple mobile platforms, but in the middle of last year by Google is suspended support after purchase.

Quickoffice is Google applications specifically for business users of products, it allows users to view and edit Microsoft Office documents, such as Excel, and Powerpoint files, and making the target file in compatible format stored in Google Drive in the cloud storage service. Basically, the app can be seen as Google Docs and the bridge between Microsoft office software, solved the problem of communication between the two products users. This update completely free, users can also download android devices, this let more users can enjoy convenient service assistance.


Quickoffice support new devices, allows users not only to be able to access Google Drive folder of cloud services, can also access application side on “Shared With Me”, “Starred” and “Recent” folder, and all its subdirectories.

the iOS version of Quickoffice size is 61.4 M bytes, users can now to apple’s app store to download.

translation: tencent technology