Google wants to build iOS independent kingdom Jump to bypass apple pushed their application

May 7, according to foreign media reports, in front of the closed control apple iOS, Google apple to take the initiative to develop the rich application as erosion control strategy. A few days ago, Google has further, has achieved the iOS independent jump between their application, thus bypassing the apple’s “control”.


on May 6, on Monday, Google released the new iOS Gmail client. Concurrent users in reading mail existing links exist, if installed Chrome in the iOS device, then the link will be open Chrome, rather than apple’s built-in Safari.


in the iOS ecosystem, the flow of Gmail will be converted to Chrome traffic and revenue, Google did after.

in addition, the video links of mail, also will be Google’s YouTube opened, if the user is also installed the Google map to the client, the direction of mail links, will also be open Google maps, bypassing the built-in apple maps.

Google did not force the user to jump to their own products, also can be in the set, choose a Safari or apple map open the relevant links.

in addition, Google in the application update, also supports the application of the single log out. Before this, the user log off once, will be out of the login form all Google products.

create iOS ecosystem in apple, Google “to enter to back” refreshing strategy to the outside world, the apple after unloading built-in applications such as YouTube, Google heavily developed a series of iOS app, and become the most active outside the platform application developers.

the New York times had previously analysis pointed out that Google has dozens of applications for iOS development, also through the development of the outsourcing company, power, in the long term, Google will threaten the apple in the iOS ecological control.

in addition, after apple map out a lot of problems, Google has been developed for the iPhone client, Google map users still looking forward to the current version of Google maps.

translation: sohu it