Google wallet now supports Android 2.3 all mobile phones, can realize the transfer via email address alone

according to foreign media reported CNET science and technology, Google Wallet (Google Wallet) recently launched a major update. It is understood that the new Google Wallet will support Android 2.3 and above all the Android smartphone. Furthermore, Google Wallet will let users through email address, to any transfer of a native American people.

on Tuesday, Google it was officially announced that Google Wallet will not only limited to the scope of application of the supplementary NFC (near field communication) function of smartphone. As long as the user of the system is the Android version 2.3 and above, you can use Google Wallet.

in addition, only need one email address, the new Google Wallet to any American users can transfer. After using this feature, users in the next time for the same operation, also can choose directly Gmail email to transfer.

is a more humane, the new Google Wallet can fusion, replace some be function. For example, the user will be common retailer (loyalty CARDS, discount CARDS, membership CARDS) Google Wallet card number input, after the user through the scanned at the checkout counter, you can get the corresponding points. At present, to support the application of retailers include Alaska airlines, Belly and Red Mango (Red Mango). Google promised future will support the new Google Wallet institutions include: Avis rent a car, BJ’s restaurants, Cosi, Hard Rock International, InterContinental Hotels Group (InterContinental Hotels Group), Marriott International, Marriott International, Raley ‘s (reilly supermarket), the Body Shop.

the new Google Wallet can also be complementary and other Google services. Users, for example, in the designated retail stores to use Google Wallet can be provided, such as Google a bulk discounts. In addition, users of all consumer information can be queried in Google Wallet.

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