Google to lead new project: advancing the global more people access to the Internet

recently, the technology giants are combined into a global Internet access, especially for developing countries to provide affordable Internet access. These technology giants, including Google Google, Microsoft, Microsoft, Facebook, Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo, Intel and Intel. The company teamed up with institutions such as government, non-profit organization established the Alliance for Affordable Internet Alliance, in order to promote the UN commission on broadband grand vision.

before the commission is expected in 2015, provides Internet access to all developing countries. And, this kind of Internet access fees will not be more than 5% of local urban residents’ average monthly income – which is to provide affordable Internet access.

now, Google’s investment in the coalition of technology companies than is one of the biggest, this is Google in promoting Internet access set another milestone. Google has previously using high and new technology paves the way for Internet access, Google balloon project, has not yet been put into use of wireless spectrum, floating in the stratospheric balloon as signal transmission carrier, etc. While the joint project from the perspective of law, policy and so on new Internet access.

in Google’s official blog, so in a word, “without the Internet, it is hard to imagine how to connect 5 billion people.” Despite Google’s Internet access to the mission of promoting is still a long way to go, it has, or is about to make efforts, it is worth and should not be ignored.