Google to expand advertising filtering Adblock Plus pay “tolls” for advertising not be filtered

all Internet companies rely on advertising revenue won’t like Adblock Plus . Because it is a famous advertising filtering extension. Users with it, you can filter out most of the Internet advertising, thus it has become a lot of users prerequisite products online.

, ABP does not filter all the advertising, according to the : Google seems to ABP pay for their own advertising not be filtered, to show in front of the user. The news caused netizens.

this is nothing New, ABP “acceptable advertising” option, it has never hide his charge to the big company. ABP FAQ there are specified.

AdblockPlus said fee is in order to help maintain advertising filter entry. Is no charge for a small site, only charge the cost of the large companies such as Google. AdblockPlus served for the role of the “keeper”, it makes the control access between the user and the Internet advertising giant, then road tolls “loot”.