Google stopped for a large number of free data, the SEO world was shocked

abstract: starting from next month, the owners will not be able to continue with statistical view Google users on Google through which keyword search to see, and click on your website. Industry says: “this is almost is based on the analysis of the data in nearly five years in the marketing promotion is the largest loss.” Google, say good don’t be evil?

stop Google Analytics for some data for free with the double Webmaster Tools on

the end of this month, Google will no longer provide free natural search information analysis data, the publisher will not be able to continue through the Google platform, website operators to check the user specific through which keyword search on Google if they see, and click on the information of their own. So change is mainly to make up for the “prism door leads to the trust of the loophole, search users feel more secure.

now, all on the Google search is encrypted, web site operators will not be able to continue using Google Analytics intuitive see users search keywords used to their web site.

free resources on Google Analytics to reduce at the same time, the Google Webmaster Tools as a substitute. According to Google, which provide similar data. But many marketers say, Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is different. Which is based on analysis of sampling, analysis, or average data of imperfection to a certain extent, affect the precision of analysis results and applicable scope. Relevant personnel of Business Insider, based on the number of search marketing is in itself and its importance to horizontal, high integrity, accurate data analysis to make a forward-looking, advantage analysis.

Google aspects of

Google said in an interview with Business Insider:

the site operators can as usual, from Webmaster Tools to obtain the required a lot about their web search data. The data including daily highest heat under 2000 retrieval, the retrieval request of exposure, clicks, CTR and so on. Similarly, Google will continue to optimize and improve your Webmaster Tools data analysis ability.

in the blog post, Google said the reform mainly in order to further protect the privacy of users on the Internet and information security. Now almost all users on the Google search behavior is anonymous. Users search, click on the submit will not form a list of keywords for web site operators to keyword optimization analysis. Although the related forms and anonymous generated, but these data do operators know to the user how to find their own website through Google search.

industry comment – less data from sorrow

Google so let many Internet promotion practitioners suddenly change some at a loss, many people complained that “now we work like a headless fly”.

“they believe the analysis results is called ‘data disaster.” Ad Age said.

Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik said, “this is almost is based on the analysis of the data in nearly five years in the marketing promotion is the largest loss.” At the same time, he also said that, on average, half of the search optimization of customer site traffic from natural search.

Silver Arc Search Marketing CEO Tony Verre argues that this is a heavy blow to small businesses to:… Those who want to understand user through the data analysis in addition to whether the brand name will through other keywords, how to use keywords to search other people, in the face of Google so it was hit by a big change. Cannot afford to pay online help shop, not Google’s free data analysis is indeed is a great addition to lost. Originally the Internet is a big competitor in these shops, take now to protect privacy in the name of the free access of data analysis, it is a heavy.

industry comment – discount strategy and uneven

not only that, some people also for Google “inequality” aggrieved. Google is natural search analysis data of the stop (natural search – completely according to the relevancy and algorithm of search results, has nothing to do with the payment). The analysis data can still get paid search. That is, data is only for those who provided by Google in the Google platform paid search advertising business. It is no wonder that some people don’t happy.

in other words, when users click on natural search results, won’t produce the related data, when the user clicks on the perimeter of the paid search advertising, advertisers can know the user see the advertisement which is based on keywords retrieval.

search consultant Rishi Lakhani puts, said Google it is contradictory. Provide privacy protection, the other side can be continued to provide to retrieve data information to advertisers, said that “private” is nonsense.