Google soaring The apple falls

two things worth remembering today the stock market. Google and apple are welcomed a milestone, a good one bad. In normal trading hours, apple’s market capitalisation fell briefly 4000 $, Google market breakthrough 3000 $.

the stock volatility and Google is the developer’s conference Google I/O synchronization. At the conference, Google announced the release of several kinds of new products, a big upgrade to Google is service improvement, at the same time vigorously to attract developers. At the same time, the stock market with Google, shoot down the apple. For another company rivals Microsoft, it is a dull day, share prices edged up, are calm.

once upon a time, apple is the most valuable technology company. However, every day is not Sunday, apple recently half shares all the way down. The weeks the highest price 705 $, closed yesterday only 428.85 $. apple shares decline from last year 9 month. The the iPhone 5 is 2012 , 9 on 13 day it was released.

although valuations narrowed between two giants, but this does not mean that Google’s revenue can catch up with apple. Apple is still far better than Google make money, but it’s p/e ratio TTM only 10.24 . While Google’s p/e ratio for the 27.27 . This shows relative to apple, investors are more bullish on the future of Google.

today is a day of Google, not only in the stock market, but also on the developers’ conference. Developers cheering all sorts of new functions and positive, impressive display products.