Google says: the strange ideas useless for recruitment interview

remember once a frenzied Google creative interview questions?

“how many golf balls can you put into the school bus? And how many piano tuner in the world? Why covers round?” And so on, so the interview questions you ever encountered in the interview? Instant kill millions of brain cells for such interview question, has been debated, anger its pit dad at the same time, there are also quite agree with the test results.

the interviewer can now no longer so entangled with ground “for golf covers circle is not round or thinking” problem. Google has already said, it was once used to test a candidate’s these took mental subject is not an effective way to measure the abilities of employees.

“we find that these brainteasers class ask questions it is no good really, is a waste of time,” Google’s human resources vice President Laszlo Bock (Laszlo buck) in an interview with the New York times said: “these problems do not have good forecast effect, is just make candidates feel very clever.”

to apply for a job in Seattle guidance Lewis Lin (Louis Lin) has compiled a series of interview questions, Google with the popularity of test, emerged in succession various varieties, almost everyone had seen these issues online. Silently rookie, excellent Daniel, before also have read the problem of “god” —

If let you clean all the Windows in Seattle, you will be charged?Design an emergency evacuation plan for San Francisco.The clock will overlap how many times a day?A person to drive to the hotel, and becomes nothing. What happened?You are shrunk to the a nickel is so high, you also is proportional to the quality of the narrow in order to keep the original density is constant. Then you be thrown into an empty glass blender, stirring blades will start running after 60 seconds, what should you do?

Bock, said Google now interviewing candidates is more unusual methods. For example, by adopting standardized interview process, thus more balanced to evaluate candidates. Google also USES “behavioral interviews method”, let the job describe their experiences, such as “succeeded in solving a problem”. At the same time, in Google’s interview, the grade point of graduates or the proportion of SAT scores are mitigated.