Google reader closed: why do we still should be entrusted to a free Internet service?

about Google Reader was sent the debate has too much. Tech blog of a view is that we should try to support those who paid the Internet service, rather than trust those free Internet service, after all, they are likely to be don’t ask, don’t you just turn it off. Paid products, you will have more control. This view makes sense, but listen to their words were probably just make you a waste of energy and money .

there are two kinds of free Internet services: open (product shut down before you can export your data) and closed (not so open those services). Most web mail service belong to open category, such as Gmail . bursts of this blog service, too, even Google reader also belong to open services. All of these services, users have the right to export its own data, transfer into a similar service. Can I export my Gmail data, and take them to the I built my personal mail system can also import them to outlook email to switch to Microsoft’s services. I can also use their own bursts of blog WordPress . Of course, Google reader data can also be derived, transfer to other similar services (a lot of people are doing at this moment).

closed service mainly include social class, such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter . All these services are not allowed to take away their user data. Even if they allow you to download a portion of their data ( Twitter your dowload ), but these data can’t import used to other similar products, such as + .

to avoid excessive reliance on closed service is reasonable. Your data belong to the big companies, they are only very limited access to you. But using open classes free service risk is small, both to save money and save time. In addition it is worth mentioning that the free service of open classes often than paying service function and provide a better experience, although this doesn’t sound very reasonable. Or in the Gmail , for example, in all the mail service, Gmail search and spam filtering ability is the most powerful. Google offers users large storage space, the top interaction experience, two-step authentication security mechanism, almost mobile applications across all major platforms… Everything is free. The most important thing is: are you in control of their data and the paid service.

if you use a paid mail service? 1 , you need to spend money. 2 , you need to spend more time to debug configuration. But their function is still not as good as Gmail . You spent money but enjoy the worse service, because you want to have greater control over the data (but will not actually implemented).

if Google really crazy one day have to go to close the Gmail ? It doesn’t matter, the data is in your hands, you can choose a new alternative, may substitute is free, may be paid. Not too bad you need to change a new mail address. In the Gmail close before, it is no need to pay for a mail service.

PS : 2004 years Google launched Gmail , it has gradually grown into a global one of the most popular mail services, and to improve every year. Email is very stable service to hotmail as an example, it survived 16 years, Microsoft has to force users to migrate to outlook mail .

the PS2 : there is no paid services can beat Gmail . On earth can beat Gmail only walls.

source: PS2 is the translator to add, for show MOE.

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