Google r&d director: what is the future of search?

Beijing time on March 15, news, foreign famous science and technology media AllThingsD says, Google is trying to research and development more intelligent search, Google Instant and Google Now is the face of their efforts. But in order to get the search results, people tend to use stiff, broken language, Google is trying to develop a more natural, dialogue type of search. This will be the development direction of the search industry, but to really achieve human-computer natural interaction is still a long way to go.

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Google search for a long time business executives Amit Singhal – (Amit Singhal) are very like to use an example to describe him and don’t “dialogue type search” in the population. He picked up his cell phone, “Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) age is how much?” And then he would ask a question again: “that how tall is he?”

singhal said in a recent interview Google for the use of pronouns and anaphora has built up a basic solution. So when after he asked the two problems, an Android robot in answer to understand the “he” in the second question is the first problem of the people.

“in the past, the search has always been a one-time thing. But now Google’s search technology has been able to let the robot realized that “he” refers to “Justin bieber, ‘no one has been able to do this.” Mr Singh said.

“today, I show you two sentences of the conversation,” singh said. “In the next one to two years, we are going to see more sentences in the search dialog, I wouldn’t be surprised”, which means that in the future users can dialogue like talking to people and machines.

is not only the interface problems

a long time, the online search have been training us to use old stiff languages. Enter the required information, separate keywords, every search to start from scratch, use quotation marks to emphasize the content of a search. Search the language enough to become a foreign language, some people also call it the “search”.

in the near future, Google and other companies to cooperate is one of the contents of the search business, they are trying to make the search more natural, in the form of a dialogue to achieve human-computer interaction.

dialogue type of search is to make the search engines to understand the background of the problem, make reasonable speculation, can accept voice input, can parse homonyms, can adapt to the mobile environment, and can identify the same user in different devices.

as early as the 90 s has made a similar idea, AT& Watson T lab project and part Jupiter program at the Massachusetts institute of technology is to implement conversational search. Jupiter is a mobile phone service can understand users ask and answer about the weather.

while on the surface, research and development of conversational search business seems to be a interface problem, let people get the same potential information created a simple method is ok, but in fact, this way of search to in-depth industry intelligence technology is used, and the computer industry’s technology. In addition, this new search technology than other search form, such as Google’s “Knowledge Graph” involves a wider range.

back to the singer came up to the example, Microsoft’s search engine Bing director Stephen Weitz (Stefan Weitz) said Microsoft currently does not deal with multiple search, but involves the Xbox structured search can do this.

Bing efforts in many areas has made it more natural for the search and realize the man-machine dialogue, for example, Microsoft has been clear in meaning search on efforts to make it more natural, the study on semantics and introduced a personalized applications, such as Local Scout.

“when people are talking about the dialogue type search, they really talk about that or you finally understand what you said the last sentence to the direction of the machine,” says weitz. “The real challenge is how to use the web page, the hd entity agent to deconstruct the digital world.”

so, Bing can now answer some such as “Tom cruise in the film with a unicorn” or “the highest mountain in the world”, while Bing also needs a process of inference.

not learn the embarrassment of

valley song published the first dialogue type search software should be Google Suggest, this search engine research and development since 2004, now only completed the “20%”. When the user type in the search content, the software will automatically appear full search content. Google Suggest is a precursor to Google Instant, launched in 2010 Google Instant, can provide users search the problem of possible answers.

John Boyd (John Boyd) is the head of a research and development of Google, its management team is responsible for inviting users to observe them on Google experience of new products, and design the survey to assess user experience required products in the future.


Google r&d director John Boyd (tencent technology illustrated)

Boyd in those with a mirror, and includes an eye tracker in the computer room installation accepted our interview, he said his work had a very strange phenomenon, those invited to campus with their research and investigation of the volunteers are not noticed that Google was in testing the software. When his team for the users to use the experience of Google Instant testing, some volunteers to guess the test new technology is to the left of the old navigation bar, not just in their search results.

because there is no before and after contrast, even on the website you use every day, it is difficult to recognize which is a new technology.

but this is not a bad thing. Boyd to changes on the Google search is to be able to shift from unconsciously form the habit of people to the natural conversational search.

“Google is magic,” Boyd said. Before joining Google, Boyd, a former yahoo search department director. “But because we have not been to intervene before, people now have formed the bad habit.”

he said what meaning? For example, some people think that when typing problems all caps, search engine would behave better. But in fact are not.

Boyd says this is behaviorism psychology history today, actually (B.F. Skinner) proposed the blindness “learning (superstitious learning)”. For example, some searchers tend to use double quotation marks to try to tell Google what they really want to find content. But doing so what’s the harm? Quotes, is often don’t need them in the search, is redundant, there are some cases, they can eliminate the result we need. Boyd demonstrates that, from his show boredom can see that it really inefficient.

Boyd said in a broader perspective, Google should, for we would like to know the content of a better response. Without our search every time from scratch.

what do you want to ask?

in order to solve this problem, last year, Google has organized a survey of 150 people to study, in the time of day, let the participants do not regularly use a custom mobile applications to search, Google can find what they want to know.

Boyd to me shows the log files of a female participants, she ask questions mainly include “how can you just let me won $200 in 8 days?” , “a person how long it will take to be sued?” String theory is, “what?” , “squid long what kind?” And “how to do to make our daughter away from me for a while?” , “how can do my teeth not painful?” And “how to find the bail agent?

at the same time, another male participants have said there is something wrong with his car, dogs may have fleas, need a little money, a smoke alarms need to reinstall, and want to buy a car for his granddaughter.

no matter big or small, these questions can help Google to better understand these problems so that they can help users better.

, for example, the lady asked a series of problems are around the theme of “prison”, Google may not be able to help her in this respect. But the man’s problem is associated with daily chores, perhaps Google in this regard will help him make his life more orderly.

Google in the search business Now working there are mainly two aspects: voice search, in the user driving or hands occupied is particularly useful when, and on the Android platform of smart personal assistant Google Now.


personal assistant application Google Now (tencent technology illustrated)

at the same time, Google Now applications on the Android platform can also help users to record their life habit, according to users’ search history displayed to the user some information, such as sports location, weather and road conditions. Recent and added new features to the application when a user to enter a cinema, or the airport at a specific time, Google Now can be displayed to the user before buy the ticket and boarding pass.

“I have the user is in need of help,” Google Now product competent barris – gothic Ken (Baris Gultekin) recently said in an interview. “My goal is to be able to estimate the user needs, and when you need to make the right prediction. This is a huge project. Now we are trying to provide the information according to user’s requirements, can provide the required information before the user asked.”

for those who don’t scruple privacy of users, it is an important and exciting technological advance. But if you want to achieve and computer talking, I’m afraid there will be a long way to go. Google just Now understand how we feng MAO water chestnut in the human world, and every technical progress is inseparable from the efforts and those behind the movie ticket provider Fandango and united airlines and similar cooperation of the company.

although speech recognition has been a huge step forward than before, but users may find themselves also inevitably fall into the “search”, users tend to be very careful to pronounce every sound and easy to let the machine identification. We are far away from the real natural human-computer interaction also differ.

source: tencent technology