Google Q2 not exceeding the expectation “, MOTOROLA

according to Google just released Q2 results showed that Google total revenue of $14.11 billion in the second quarter of this year, profits of $9.54 a share. Despite Google’s market value is more than $300 billion, but the results were slightly below Wall Street’s expectations. The personage inside course of study analysis, it is likely to have associated with Motorola poor market performance.

since Google acquisition Motorola, it has been the “adopted” burning money for himself. According to Google Q2 results show that its net loss of $342 million, Motorola department and the loss of $199 million over the same period last year.

as a takeover, launched the first flagship phones, Moto X is the expectation by Google and Motorola. For the former big brother the Motorola in the field of communication, MotoX turning point is the key to whether it can revive. MotoX is Google in an attempt to control the whole article, on the other hand, the important strategic deployment of mobile industry chain. Therefore, we can not help but ask, MotoX could achieve as good wishes of the above? According to Motorola in the second quarter earnings, according to the company’s revenue of $998 million, up 1.18% year-on-year. So, MotoX isn’t want to be the reverse itself and the parent slide development power, although nowadays the strength is very weak.

however, seems to have not too much time for Motorola. After media prediction, MotoX is likely to be released in August this year, this means that, in 2013, MotoX only a quarter of the sales period. Even MotoX can really become a “Renaissance” mobile phone, it is also unable to change the Motorola in this year’s overall market performance.

no one can tell whether Motorola can stage a comeback, but there is no doubt that Google wants to achieve the good wishes, will have to continue to the son to spend the money.