Google push software updates, and solve the new Nexus 7 GPS malfunctioning, multi-touch system problem

A New generation

the Nexus 7 the end of July since the sale, there has always been part of the user response I buy the New machine is a malfunctioning or multi-touch problem.

: New the Nexus 7 run for a period of time, usually 2 to 30 minutes and then failed. No matter how you try can awaken . After the restart so normal for a period of time, and then failed…

multi-touch failure: if the user tries to a point above the multi-touch (such as double zoom), the screen will be temporary failure can’t response.

since last night, Google began rolling out a system update (Build Number JSS15Q) to repair the above two questions.

this upgrade as usual, through OTA , an updated version will automatically download to your tablet.

Google is collecting the updated user feedback, to see if this update can repair all Bug . In the discussion, please click Google product BBS, or XDA BBS:

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