Google “prince” five big exposure: the Nexus 5 to fit (video)

Google will be released in the near future the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4, is related to this fact. But the fact cannot be compared with the following video, it started from France technology website video to seven minutes, full display the Nexus of 5 hardware, and it’s an early version of the Android 4.4:

From the point of video, the Nexus 5 manufactured by LG. Back material resembles a new generation of Nexus 7, more suitable for holding and conspicuous camera shows that this kind of mobile phone camera ability from the previous generation have greatly improve (Nexus 4 pictures has been a big trough point). About 5 inch screen, hardware and LG G2 look similar.

it should be an engineering machine, the running system is identified as “Key Lime Pie”, rather than Google “Kitkat” released recently.

according to the net friend always sort of way, 5 is the Google Nexus “five prince”. Watching the video, what do you think of five satisfactory appearance style of the prince?