Google Play app store into Iran: the U.S. government to promote

on Monday, with ease sanctions against Iran in the United States, Google became the first American companies in Iran. Google in Google + proves that the news, the search giant announced for iranians Play app store services, allowing them to download the free Google Play application, Google has also encouraged developers to apply their distribution to Iran market as soon as possible.

set restrictions on exports of the Treasury, as early as in the 5 was enacted in the new rules. But a recent easing in fact is the step in the process of long-term, not only the change of American policy toward Iran; The future may also sanctions were involved, including Syria, other countries.

Google Play logged in Iran market, exploits the New rules of the general license D ( General License D ). It has replaced the original export is very tight, makes the company the opportunity to Iran to promote social networking, blogs, instant messaging and other network technology. New rules this spring expanded the range of products, including “services, software, and personal communication system hardware”.

“the key is the us government no longer these (Internet services and software) are picky tough export review”, researchers at the New America foundation Tim Maurer said.

Google is not the first to respond to general license D technology giants. Apple updated its export compliance in June, some products are also added to the whitelist.

now, Iran is that the sanctions the United States, the only other country to benefit from the broad license. It is not clear why the Treasury first of all, with open arms to Iran, rather than a country less controversial. And it is confusing: Iran’s blockade on Google Play access (not only Google Play, Iran wall off including YouTube, Facebook and so on a large number of popular online application).

even if Google’s unilateral open, and how many Iranian users can use the Google Play ?