Google or pushing a new generation of streaming media player

Beijing time morning news, on May 19, the federal communications commission (FCC), a recent documents show Google may have been ready to launch a used to replace the Nexus Q of streaming media player.

this product is referred to as “H840 devices,” for Google to manufacturers, is a support 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi technology “fixed base station. It is important to note that a document showing the product is the function of multimedia player.

the Nexus Q was originally Google in response to the Roku and Apple TV set-top boxes and launch a product, but Google has now halt to the sale of the products, and to make a reservation for the product the user provides the free version. Apparently Google is rethinking media business strategy. This week, Google launched Google Play Music All the Access service, and Google is also trying to Google TV into the Android business again.

for Google to launch a streaming media player is very reasonable, especially considering the current Ouya products have brought the Android system to the TV screen. Although the outside world do not know Google what kind of future will launch the new product, but may be without waiting for too long. Google asked the FCC certified in the company within 45 days of the product pictures and specifications secret, then related information will be disclosed.


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