Google News release new features make up GR users losses

on June 29, hunting cloud network

according to foreign media reports next science and technology, Google News will add some new function of “fancy”.

1. Sports score box (Sports scores box)

this “the score box” will provide customized services to users, users can according to individual be fond of, to determine what add events. Although, at present the upgrade services are available only to users in the United States, and only add basketball, football, baseball, and hockey four games, but it was not long before global users can enjoy the service, but also will further expanding the scope of the project selection.

2. The weather forecast

Google News’s the weather forecast for the newly added services, in addition to automatically locate the user local weather conditions, can also provide different urban functions manually. It is reported, it will be able to predict the weather changes within four days.

3. Edit the selected (Editors’ Picks)

edit selected applications will provide users with the importance of daily news, and will not appear on the front page only. Unfortunately, at present only involved in technology and business aspects of the message. Product manager for Google News Anand Paka said, they will also be expanding the scope of the News provided in the future.

the professional analysis, Google officially closed in GR, two days before the launch of Google News new functionality, may mean that Google hopes by increasing the practicability of existing applications, to compensate for the GR close inconvenience to users.