Google Logo update: hello, goodbye, hard and black flat!

xiao yun in the first place to apologize to you the reader. This month 9 , we wrote a report quoted foreign science and technology media: . When foreign science and technology media had rejected Google will change the Logo .

however, is the Mid-Autumn festival vacation days, xiao yun suddenly found, rumors of Google New Logo actually is true!

at present, Google Logo has been redesigned. User login Google home page, you can see more complanation, colour is not as good as the original so saturated New Logo .

Google Logo original

the new Google icon

in addition, more intriguing is that the original on the black navigation bar at the top of the page is gone. Instead, the page navigation at the upper drawer. By including + , Gmail , users often use.

Google’s New Logo do you like? Go and have a look!