Google keep be company killer, but at least it can kill yourself

Google Keep a few days ago accidentally leaked once, then the news. Well, now it is launched this morning. Web site address is: Android version only supports android 4.0 system.

from the current situation, Google Keep is a very primary notes applications, web edition very concise, only a search box, an input box. Notes can be inserted into pictures and inside GIF dynamic image, can create a list ( List ), in addition, there is no any other function.

Google Keep mobile application functions, a little more like DEMO video show, can realize voice text, as long as talking on a cell phone can record according to the text. Google voice account transfer text is impressive, is the world’s most advanced commercial speech recognition technology. In addition to language transfer characters, can also to do Keep note for the color. But the color is used only for visual, even the most basic classified by color features. The Google Keep the lack of any on file management architecture: tag ( tag ), folders, according to the color classification and so on all have no! If after Keep note much want to find the files? Have to search. This is a standard Google ideas!!

we need to pay attention to the other Google Keep is not a separate product, it belongs to own domain names all have no, now the affiliated in comparison, from the perspective of the domain name, it is only Google drive a little side project.

Google keep the product shape even play flood application note type than in the shop, talk more to be the company killer? More important problem is that since Google decided to kill the Google reader , user unavoidably produce psychological shadow, this kind of uncertain future Google new products, and no one will try easily. According to the “New deal” page of the strategy, if Google keep to be the company killer, also can’t help + guide flow, it can only kill himself.

Google Keep really want to succeed, must change the existing simple function. Efforts and Google other products, become a integration center. For example, in the Keep , can mark on the Google map, such as keep on the notes can be directly through the gmail to send. Keep handwriting and Drive get through, can make rich edit… Keep and Google calendar get through, content with a date label can be directly create a calendar reminder…

Google Keep this product’s future depends on it to do much to improve. The current version is not working, I can’t use. That’s all.

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