Google integration, cloud depth, hunting 】 【 super IM products Hangouts origin, development process and prospect

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go to the Google I/O 2012 to impress us. Several paratroopers wearing avant-courier glasses airborne Moscone Center. Developers queuing for free to receive $300 gift from Google company. Google also launched the Nexus Q, attempts through the expensive gadgets, send a wonderful music to your home theater system (this product is not listed the die).

valley song after the glasses link, in the next a more relaxed conversation link (about a product without any major upgrade conversation), Google admitted in the information communication that is not good enough, or simply admit that there are serious problems in the information communication app. When challenged with Google communication software is do too messy, responsible for instant communication department director Nikhyl Singhal calm and honest answer, as if prepared. he said: “I admit that, in the field of telecommunications applications, we provide users with a very garbage services.”

but he is not the whole truth. He did not disclose Google actually has spent a year on this issue, can be a year of work without return for the same amount of return. Google the 7 pieces eight communication tools, seems to be a valley song as a symbol of instant messaging domain laggards. And such as called iMessage –, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is more and more diversified, such as the app is cut a swath, swallowed up the market.

2013 Google I/O, however, Google stand, because it released its new information and communication platform – Hangouts. The new app across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Chrome and Gmail. It is Google in the field of cloud computing, search and mobile joint product of power.

for the telecommunications applications for big race, Hangouts somewhat late.

Google Hangouts from development to the final release, the entire process there are a lot of things worth to savor. The most important thing, it reveals how a company from the beginning casual a few small projects, eventually forced to cross the whole process of product groups weave cooperation. In the backdrop of the new “Google”, big project need more in-depth cooperation team. Hangouts just tide of Google after communication strategy, and will become a can and Search, Gmail, Docs par products, as a core of Google services. Let’s to comb the history of the Hangouts, and analyzes it’s late.

the history of Hangouts

valley song once lead communication competition tide. As early as in 2005, Google released a Google talk, this app is almost the best in the field of information and communication. But after that, a new type of mobile communication products appeared. The innovation of these communication methods, mainly reflected in online and multimedia forever additional features (including voice message, read reply, group chat) on these two points. New entry opponent a lot: blackberry BBM attract millions of users to buy blackberry, entrepreneurial firms such as WhatsApp in recent years, and there are billions of information exchange of Facebook every day. In April this year, the user use chat app message over the text. Meanwhile, Google still held its Google + Messenger app sitting on the sidelines.


Google has been a lack of a unified communications platform, its just some trivial communication tools

take Google talk, for instance, when it is in order to help enterprise users to better communication. Singhal said: “when we create Google talk, we want to build it into a social, with available services everywhere, then user experience feedback, let us realize that its actual effect and our original intention is poor a lot. The launch Hangouts, we have to make a difficult choice — to give up once “open” XMPP standards.”

valley song the lack of a unified communications platform, this is a riddle. Google has just some trivial communication tools. Singhal said: “from the perspective of the abstraction that when we have more communication services existed in the code, we should put them together and integrated into a product”. The Google communication tools is neither consistent nor unified, the user is not very convenient to use. Last year Google + Messenger is Google was the first new instant messaging products, but it only can use in Google +. Google talk is another instant messaging products, but it is based on cloud computing before the arrival of the old standard. Third paragraph is the Hangouts, it is a built into Google + in the real-time video communication products. Gmail has its own instant messaging team. Google Voice is the last of this series, it is a the corner that is forgotten, there are very few, so it seems destined to become Google’s notorious cleaning.

although Google talk seems can be used as a basis for the communication of the app, but Google decided to start from square one. As Singhal said: “we should all start from scratch.” In order to make the Hangouts unique communication products in the future ten years, Google managed, from inside the company who is committed to research and development of the project engineers are all together. To outsiders, the firm as a server and engineers in the ivory tower, can the inside of the engineer is not in the concert, they are in research and development products. Singhal said: “it is interesting to note that they used to be independently developed products, but if the individual team cannot be competent for the task.”

really is the emergence of the watershed is Google +. It proves that Google has the ability and should also focus on all the power of the company to implement an idea. work experience for many years proves that the core product can’t by a team or a skilled engineers spend 20% of his time to complete. Singhal said: “the whole team two years ago, we began to gather together. Like is “the avengers alliance”, we have to fusion of different style and culture (from across the various team of Google company.” Today’s Hangouts team was a collection of people with a different style of it will become instant communication infrastructure, and the revitalization of the next era of Google. Singhal, points out the difficulties of information communication is in the “integration, aggregation and fusion of all the different system”.

cloud communication

table surface, Hangouts app is basically a information communication, and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger no difference. Hangouts appeared instead of Google Talk, Google + Messenger, and the original Google + Hangouts video chat.

Hangouts for Android, iOS, and Chrome (but shall not apply to Windows Phone and BlackBerry). When you start using it, you will first see a text dialog. It is provided to you on your recent chat list instead of the contact list. This is the first different from traditional instant messaging client. And when you start group chat or one-to-one conversation, you will experience more different. Every conversation has a name, such as a chat room, and you can also easily attach pictures, because Google gives you as much as 850 hand-painted emoticons.

valley song, points out that on the “state” of design Hangouts spent a lot of work, so it will be better than this other app. Hangouts used no reply “reading” (the first popular in BBM, adopted by the iOS and Android this summer) or an online/offline, but in the chat logs to insert a small square head, the small square is called “watermark”. When someone in typing, the watermark will appear, and the watermark can also display each other’s reading process.

in plain text dialogue, the watermarking provides a brand-new IM experience – you can see at a glance who online is not online. Product manager Ben Eidelson pointed out that the watermark is like video Hangouts, it simulates the when we face to face communication and signal leads. Hangouts another product manager, said: “it’s like eye contact in conversation”. This new system of another change is that Google talk users are familiar with “active/leave” sign was cancelled. Although Hangouts will keep and Google talk to some extent the same operation mode, it is clear the integration of instant messaging and mobile communication products.

Hangouts will keep your message in the cloud, though this is not the first, is because Google cloud, so there are some special. Hangouts in every dialogue can save online () can be obtained from any Hangouts app, but if you don’t want to record, you can also shut down history, eliminate the record. A collection of Google + service is the most characteristic of the entire product. You and your friends all photos will be saved to a private share photo album on the Google +. For example, when you use the Hangouts, after a year to you a lot of relationship, so you can easily find the related text dialogue. If you want to find those pictures before you, also very convenient. Obviously, in theory this attractive feature allows you to experience the early Google doesn’t provide service, and Google + is very much like.

Google + video conference functions (i.e., original Hangouts) for the new Hangouts inspired a lot. Just the voice call and castration off some other function, such as receiving SMS. the So to do this, probably because Google doesn’t want to go to provoke operators, may be it also attend to not top SMS. Apple and Facebook, however, has been in the Messages on the iOS and Android on Facebook Messenger in the practice of the practice, and the effect is very good. Google’s competitors provides users with a powerful service experience, through their service, users can publish information, insert video, voice communications, local positioning, even those who somehow “stickers” has also been the user’s praise highly. Could lead the Google Voice became out products now, but once the team it has now joined the Hangouts. Although the Singhal this reorganization described as “tomorrow” Google Voice, but he did not give the clear their ultimate fusion for a period.

if just lack of those services we expect, it seems, are still acceptable. can be the new Hangouts has a fatal flaw. What happens when you decide to use Hangouts, suddenly found that all of your friends have become the loyal users of WhatsApp and Kik, so how do you to the so-called touch with them? in instant messaging services such as WhatsApp comprehensive occupation market, under the background of the current user base is weak and insufficiency of Hangouts, pound-foolish on promotion. But we also found that the top products in the field of instant messaging wasn’t log in PC, the mature market is to be satisfied. If the user really think they need a supplement installed on the PC tools, the Hangouts will and Facebook Messenger and Viber, be among the first to provide the service for the user of the product. In addition, large and ubiquitous Google has advantages in the new field of development.

via the change inherent in the great strength, Google has set up a reliable information communication app. Unfortunately, Google it’s too late to enter the race time. Instant messaging domain “crowded”, in addition to Facebook, Apple, BlackBerry, WhatsApp this “four mountains”, and many others have developed good products. If Hangouts want to have a foothold in this field, so it should be 425 million Gmail as a breakthrough.