Google I/O next week! The seven wonders

Beijing time on May 12, according to foreign media reports, Google’s greatest activity this year – 2013 I/O conference will be held next week. Current news that Google will be at the conference schedule a three-hour important speech, the speech, Google company may disclose some of the new products and services, perhaps these new products and services will be Google company in the coming weeks to launch products and services.

of course, everything is not officially announced, however, will be launched next week about Google I/O guess what kind of new products and services and the rumours have been constantly emerging. The following is the industry speculated that Google will so far in the I/O conference next week to launch new products and services.

1: upgrade Android

the industry consistent initial guess is that Google will be in this year’s I/O conference announced a new version of the Android mobile operating system, however, may be on the basis of the current version of the Android update slightly, at the same time also can continue to keep Google since last year’s I/O conference has launched “Jelly Bean (Jelly Bean)” brand. The industry also has a lot of people are expected to at this year’s Google I/O conference announced a code-named “5.0 Key Lime Pie” version of the Android system, but so far there is no evidence to show that Google is ready to launch the new system.

2: the new tablet

the industry a lot of people are expected to at this year’s Google I/O conference to launch a updated version of the 7 inch Nexus 7 tablets, the tablets first appeared on last year’s I/O, this tablet because of low prices, strong function and by the simplicity of critics. (the Nexus 7 only sold for $199 m).

according to some reports, the next generation of Nexus 7 tablets will be produced by asus, but will also more advanced configuration screen, faster processor, wireless charging, and other functions, and the computer thickness will be thinner. More important yes, upgrade the Nexus 7 prices will remain at $199.

in addition, there were also reports that Google may also at this year’s I/O conference 11 – a Nexus by samsung build 11 inches display screen tablet.

third: MOTOROLA mobile phone

there are a lot of news that Google’s MOTOROLA mobility will also at this year’s Google I/O conference announced that a new phone. In a few months ago, the Wall Street journal reported that MOTOROLA is developing a called “X – Phone” mobile Phone, and it is directly under the guidance of research and development in Google. Recently, Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page), suggesting that the future of MOTOROLA mobility will continue to produce mobile phones. Had been speculation, said this year’s Google I/O conference, will see Google cooperate with MOTOROLA’s first product, of course, it also cannot be guaranteed.

4: the new chat platform

so far, Google has been chatting with friends provides users with a variety of solutions, such as Google Talk, Google Voice (Google Voice), text information on Android, Google + Hangouts, etc. According to some media reported that on the I/O this year, Google hopes to these will be integrated into a larger platform, its brand name will be given priority to with Hangouts. This would mean that users only need to use an application can use Google a variety of chat services.

5: Google maps refreshing

according to some leaked video screenshots show that Google is likely to be in this year’s I/O conference announced online Google maps of some of the design change, updated version of the Google maps will delete the toolbar, and direct all information shown on the map. In addition, this update version of Google maps can also provide location suggestion for connection of Google + users.

6: Chrome increase new feature

Now it looks as if its Chrome web browser will be updated, updated version of the Chrome will add Google Now – intelligent voice assistant, the function, appearance last year on Android devices. Some people also found that the program can enhance notifications of Chrome, and these functions will also be used to show the update Google Now, maybe in this year’s I/O conference, Google will launch this feature.

7: more Google glasses related message

the industry is expected to obtain from Google Google glasses more relevant. In fact, in the past few weeks, Google has already started to test Google glasses project. At present, the user sees version is still the initial model, the final product may be out until next year. Can expect is that Google will be in the I/O conference this year, for the industry to provide more information, such as how developers can make more applications for Google glasses, and how soon will the normal users can buy Google glasses products.

source: tencent technology