Google I/O live online address zero whole start at night

Google I/O meeting come! 2013 , 5 on 15 , 9 point, also is the China time zero whole start tonight. The venue will be in the Moscone center , must have a lot of friends have not been able to get the tickets, after all the tickets 1 hours less than was disappeared. Maybe a lot of Chinese friends also not suitable for long distance travel to the United States for Google I/O .

however, do not be afraid! Can’t go to the scene, we can see a live webcast.

as past, Google I/O 2013 will also be in the YouTube live on. YouT ube live address:

and Google I/O the official website of specially made a rich media pages, not only into the YouTube live, and the conference agenda, pictures, etc.

of course, want to see YouTube need to prepare some scientific methods on the Internet. Relative to the Google I/O , it can stand over? Remember a year ago Google I/O 2012 Google Glass airborne jing? The world, there are more than 200 users would rather watch, also want to see .