Google I/O 2013 points to sort out: Google to companies around the world

they began last night Google I/O assembly, xiao yun. Maybe you don’t have to stay up late so missed the Google I/O the contents of the meeting, it doesn’t matter, xiao yun to sort out the main points.

the first is the problem you care about most: hardware, android .

you will be disappointed: this conference is not publish Android version update, not release new hardware products. Yes, there is no Android 4.3 and there is no Android 5.0 , of course, there is no New the Nexus 7 , no the legendary MOTOROLA Xphone . Even the word “MOTOROLA” disappeared from the whole meeting.

The only hardware:

carry native Android 4.2 the Galaxy S 4 .

this special customised version S with the original configuration is the same, the only difference is the level of system, it doesn’t have a samsung custom interface, without samsung’s built-in applications, with 4 section the Nexus phone, provide native Google experience. If the Nexus is a natural son, then the phone is “godson”. But with the Nexus 4 is different, the price is not people: as much as 649 $.

it also shows that as a Android core pillar of the close relationship between samsung and Google, hope that the purpose of them resentment dashed.

although do not have these, but the event does not disappoint. If you look at the whole game, will inevitably be Google deep cultivation in the field of data and application integration.

the first is the data: Android global users activate several breakthrough 9 one hundred million, Play store downloaded 480 one hundred million times. really like, the Google I/O netting developer.

open more API , providing a developer with more functions and convenience.

Google + account to support cross-platform login in application.

Google cloud messaging , push for developers to provide news service.

Google Play Game Sevices. is finally here! Take the cloud service to gaming experience, the cloud synchronization game! cross-platform, across the equipment!

by + to invite friends to play games. game developers of the Gospel.

new version of the developer console, provides many functions, including online applications in statistics, preview, etc…

Google is to rely on these little details to improve and build better improve to help developers Android , Google and all the real core is that these services for developers, only these are prepared, Android can transcend ios , becoming the first platform for developers.

New products:

chat Hangouts to support text, audio, video chat. Independent application, cross-platform, support android , ios and web . Replace the original complex chat application system.

Racer: can a Chrome collaboration on different equipment to play the game.

product iterative improvement:

Google Play Music edition: launch similar services, provide the subscription and Listen Now song is recommended.

web version of Google maps, mobile version of Google maps ( ios/android )

map four layer nested data. Global user can upload the panoramic photos to Google, help them improve street and maps.

managed to catch up on the north Korea map


Google Now , add more CARDS, and more intelligent. Strive to do before you ask your demand accordingly.

Chrome: new engine, images and video performance improvements. More perfect cross-platform synchronous

Play store redesign, convenient users find tablet