Google glasses will be made by foxconn contract amount… Foxconn’s factory is located in silicon valley

Google is working and global industrial giant foxconn, production Google glasses. According to the financial times reported that the project by foxconn factory in the United States.

in particular, is based in Santa Clara, California, USA foxconn foundry production. The Santa Clara sound familiar? Well, that’s silicon valley. In silicon valley factory because Google glasses is a new technology, if there is any change need timely treatment, it will more convenient. Mountain view, after all, is very close from foxconn factory in silicon valley.

of course, although be in silicon valley, but the main spare parts still comes from Asia.

Google on a production of hardware in the United States is: the Nexus Q . Strange appearance, high price, not selling is cancelled.

in addition to Google, and a hardware giant plans in the United States to produce something, that is an apple. Apple plans in the United States produce a Mac products.

so, if the said this is a sign of U.S. manufacturing circumfluence, is too exaggerated. That is a special case.