Google glasses will affect 9 big industry

in the recent period of time, Internet search giant Google Google bring glasses is one of the most exciting product. The effects of it would be unprecedented. Google glasses will let us each day more close to our senses, will also improve our interaction with people or things around. In this way, our way connected to the Internet faster and more convenient than before, we will see the useful data and images appear in front of my eyes, you into the real world.

of course, now that the Google glasses is still in its infancy. Has not been equipped with cellular radio, it needs a mobile phone via bluetooth connection can ask wifi, 3 g or 4 g network. Google glasses can do many things, such as video recording, send text messages, provide translation and issue instructions.

Google has always supported the developer can make glasses have more work, the match held by the search giant, let every ordinary person have the opportunity to get Google glasses and see its API. Everyone want to write on Google + and Twitter they do with their Google glasses, also include the hashtag # ifihadglass. Of course. But Google also has a lot of worry, before it really available, Google needs to find a way to can let the public accept, as of now, Google glasses seems more attractive to men’s eyes. According to the analysis, Google glasses price will probably be around $1500.

Google glasses, may affect many industries, from Hollywood to the aviation industry. Let’s take a look at Google glasses will bring these industries which affect or change:

1. GPS

the traditional essence of GPS has been gradually extinguished, almost most smartphones and a small number of feature phones have built-in GPS, because many of the regulations of the state, it is prohibited to use phone while driving, and so the Google glasses will be a good substitute. , of course, you can determine your route before you start, then using voice navigation while driving, but people still hope to see yourself go where on the map, Google glasses can do this.



Google will open a door, take pictures more creative work. Use iphone film seems to be a trend, this method can create a new point of consumption for recording people immersed in their work. Use Google glasses, we can from the first-person point of view to a new record video. When Google released in this product, Google co-founder Sergey Brin with his jump time recorded video shows how to capture video anytime and anywhere, no and no longer need to other equipment.

3. Aviation

JetBlue wrote in Google + : if JetBlue and the Google cooperation, he will help the world aviation industry brings a new change. Inform the passengers of flight state, such as real-time registration area of the site map, when you leave the airport need the cab fare, garage and bearing capacity of information, and tell you where is the baggage claim area.

4. Maintenance of the construction industry industry

you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a plumber, but you need to be able to read drawings, know where need to adjust or change. Plumber can Google glasses to display the information here, but no longer need to print instructions or drawings. At the same time, an inexperienced people can through the video chat function of Google + and a professional personage to communicate, and then accept information, complete the work step by step.


health care industry

the doctor can real-time update of the patient’s vital signs via Google glasses, of course, this can also be used as medical education. Surgeons Andrew Chow said. “imagine, to scan patients before surgery, the surgeon in the operation of the eyes, is the patient’s anatomy, so the doctor can know the location of the tumor is located, shall be removed in where, in order to protect the key structure, so as to avoid bleeding and other consequences caused by mistake. This will affect the treatment and rehabilitation of the patients.”



Google glasses in the future can be a private tour guide, you provide your location information, and can guide you to find the museum, when you walk into the museum, it can even provide you with the exhibits more information and artistic value. But so far, Google glasses does not provide indoor navigation.

7. Education

Google glasses also has a great effect in class, if sick classmate, through the video he still won’t miss his courses. But, at the time of test students can get more information or they want answers, so the school need to be clear, when is the best time to use the Google glasses in the classroom, when cannot be used. Google glasses for language learning is also very helpful, because he can provide real-time translation, tell the user what others are talking.

8. Law enforcement

one day, the Google glasses can help the police identify the wanted man, this is a very feasible plan, because Google already has a facial recognition software and technology. Already have a company called the Golden – I invented a headset can be used for law enforcement, it has many functions, such as facial recognition, rapid scanning plate, monitoring vital signs and remote monitoring, etc.

9, the advertising industry

Google has said that it does not have any advertising plan on Google glasses, but Google glasses will completely change a lot of enterprise and brand, when go shopping or to drink coffee, you can pop up the discount information around you. Google can use Gmail, web search, YouTube and Google + to collect the data. So this can do many things, just imagine, when we walked into the store, pop-up ads are your favorite designer shoes, it would be great. Advertising can be highly humanized on the Google glasses, so it’s no surprise, many advertisers are very much looking forward to the cooperation.