Google glasses waterproof rain shower does not affect the use.

(hunting cloud network not suddenly became heavy taste website… Send the naked male images because his nose on the product)

think spent 1500 for the dollar to buy a cutting-edge technology products, but also a limited edition, only a few thousand people worldwide have, what would you cherish it, treasure it?

the picture of the person Robert Scoble , he got the Google glasses. So… There is a scene in the figure.

don’t worry, it’s not not sparing products, but because he found that the Google glasses that goods are not afraid of water. He also found that, when going out for a few days ago met torrential rain. Your Google glasses actually is not bad, water can still normal use. So, he found his life completely without leaving Google glasses, anyway, the shower can also wear.

don’t know can Google glasses go swimming diving? Hope to have the user for the test. Swimming, after all, does not affect the use of waterproof standard and the rain splash is not a level.

special statement, photos were taken his wife to help ^ ^