Google glasses ten characteristics

today, Google glasses was billed as a science fiction film in the product, but it really will be listed at the end of 2013. The high-tech glasses make mobile computer has entered a new era of interactive wearable computers. And use your intelligence to send text messages, to find the direction, take photographs, Google glasses will these functionality set to your field of vision, without manual operation. Then, put on life is really about Google glasses? Here introduces the ten characteristics of Google glasses for you:

do not need to use hand, the first point of view pictures and video

Google glasses first confirmed feature is to use it can easily take photos and video. You simply say “glasses, began to record the video” (OK, Glass, record a video), it will automatically take picture. And he also can through Google Hangouts, Google video chatting application) to others to share what you are seeing the scenery. That is to say, Google glasses will not let you miss a wonderful picture, but also need not hand operation.

Google search results directly to the front of your

usually, Google glasses via wi-fi or mobile data connection to the user to provide Google search engine service. Use of voice input, the user can make Google glasses to identify an object, presentation of information and answer questions on users is almost automatic. Jetblue recently released a video, video of passengers through the Google glasses to enjoy the special travel experience, because Google glasses will automatically appear in the sight of the passengers out of the plane’s departure time and the direction of the luggage.

full voice navigation

today, can make people very convenient navigation application from place A to place B, but Google glasses is taught you how to how to get well before your eyes. It can be shown through the Google map will be near you in front of you, still can voice prompt where you street corner. Although Virginia state launched a prohibits wearing Google glasses while driving, but it’s fully programmable navigation system is very useful when walking.

voice translation

translation is another feature of Google glasses. For example, the user can directly ask glasses, how said “delicious” in Brazil, the latest trailer Google glasses such is “how do you feel”.

visual reminder

as your smartphone, Google glasses can remind you to do some things recently, but it is the vision of wake. For example, the user can look at an object associated with the task say “remind me to……… “, then Google glasses will automatically take pictures for this task, with photos to remind you next time. In addition, it and your day calendar synchronization, so you can tell what time is your next meeting.

Support Google

Now application

Google glasses of this kind of high-tech application together with Google Now, which means it can present various kinds of real-time information according to your seat. For example, when a user is close to a metro station, Google glasses will take the subway schedules to present in front of the user. If the subway stop running and you can also ask Google glasses have other alternative routes.


input and posture control

Google glasses are designed to be simple actions can sense the user face and head. For example, you can move through the eye or through a nod to scroll the screen to screen. Google glasses senior developer Jorden in SXSW (south by southwest conference) stage to show the email function of Google glasses, all is the use of voice input text.

through chatting glasses

in addition to voice mail to send information, Google glasses can also be used for voice chat and video chat. More cool, you can show your chat friend you are to see scenery. If you happen to be in your sister’s favorite band’s concert, you can call her and through glasses let she can also see the performance.

the third party application integration

Google on this month’s south by southwest, according to the New York times, the company, the Path and Skitch these applications will be the first to install the Google glasses. “Google news application software will be installed to the device, the New York times, the images will be provided to users browse, Path and in Skitch images can also be used for visual reminder.” Jorden said in festival.

can also be as myopia glasses

Google glasses are high-tech equipment, but also has the function of the ordinary glasses would not be excluded. Earlier this month, Google claims may in this year “prescription” (refers to a certain degree of glasses. “Google glasses are made according to standard glasses, so you can according to your vision combined with the lens.” Google said in a statement. Although the statement did not pointed out that “prescription” glasses specific launch date, but we are sure to meet.