Google glasses begin to rise of a new term: delivery Glasshole

Google glasses preview start shipping, more and more bookers got finished now. All out of the video started in the YouTube on spreading.

as some people are beginning to wear Google glasses, a brand New start of English vocabulary pop: Glasshole .

Just as its name implies, an

Glasshole , Glass and asshole together a swear words. Specifically describe the Google glasses everywhere in public places, immersed in a world of Google glasses and not communicate with the outside world. Or Google glasses photographs in public, invasive of privacy.

from pagers to mobile phone, and then to smartphones and tablets, the new product is always a few people to enjoy. Only after price and technology popularization was accepted by the public. Of course, the public for the first guy who enjoy inevitably envy envy hate, to satirize the unavoidable in words. This time round the Google glasses, Glasshole the word also applies.

the following scene of a virtual use Google glasses is perfectly shows what is called “a Glasshole :

Also, the Glasshole how to translate the word should be said in Chinese? Valley, the nets have a net friend said should be translated into “glasses trenches,” hunting cloud network readers more to translation? Let the imagination fly!