Google glasses a crazy vomit worse: it has eight big failing

since Google glasses come out, this has been hailed as a “landmark” products of equipment has been widely expected. The science and technology, media, business insider, a collection of the technology of Google glasses early evaluation results, from the point of the evaluation results, the product, it seems, are still exist many problems, including short battery life and trigger a distraction and headache, voice control is not accurate and so on.

here is the article main content:

for part of the science and technology talent, the Google glasses represents the future of technology. But obviously, this device so far have not reached the standard. What is undeniable is that the product from the outside is indeed beautiful, but because it is not yet a killer application, there are many hardware and software problems, and the equipment is still great room for improvement.

the following is our arrangement for everybody about Google glasses all sorts of criticism:

1. The battery life is short, the famous American science and technology media Engadget, expects Google glasses battery life is only 5 hours, but our analyst Kevin Smith (Kevin Smith) think that the equipment is actually only three hours of battery life. Such a life for a need to wear all day on his head, and provide the push notifications and reminders equipment is obviously not enough.

2. Feel dizziness, headache, business insider’s senior reporter Alison – short (Alyson Shontell) when it comes to Google glasses said: “it feels dizzy, and unable to focus on the users on the people or things around, may even feel headache; Users in wearing the device will likely can’t see people or things around, even those that are close to your face.”

a hedge fund manager Eric Jackson (Eric Jackson) via Twitter also expressed the same view, he said: “the Google glasses on approval of vc told me this week, Google glasses is not good enough at present, when wearing a headaches.”

3. The screen display problem: Engadget testers, said the user wants to see Google glasses display in the sun is still there are a lot of problems.

4. Unable to change the Settings: Engadget said: “the user is unable to adjust the volume of Google glasses, the display brightness, change Wifi or bluetooth Settings (will always keeping open), unable to adjust the distribution of interface application or set priorities, unable to change the default display screen pause duration, even also can’t let Google glasses on mute or don’t disturb mode.

5. The voice control function into a chicken ribs: at present, there are two ways to control users Google glasses, one kind is through the Google glasses side of touch screen, the other is by voice control. For example, the user name “, “Google glasses (OK Glass) can give its specific voice instructions. Megan – business insider’s analyst Ross di base (Mega Rose Dickey) said that his discovery in the process of testing voice control system a lot of questions. She said “when I wear on Google glasses, my colleague Alison – thorne tal (Alyson Shontell) is beside me to talk with other people. However, I didn’t say ‘good,’ Google glasses under the premise of the equipment has already accepted the allison said all the words, and expand the search.”

6. Must match the smartphone: because the Google glasses no built-in cellular data connection, so the user in the outdoor, it must be with data connection function of smart phones to cooperate to use. However, this design obviously will shorten the battery life of smartphone users and increasing network traffic.

7. After take off for the inconvenience: Google glasses with those ordinary glasses can be folded, it is the integration of design, and cannot be smaller. , Engadget analysts said: “that can’t break the titanium belt looks beautiful, and have a certain flexibility, but it can’t let users to fold like the traditional glasses store, so Google glasses can be hung on the user’s chest collar, also cannot be easy on the pocket. More worryingly, Google glasses perennial exposed screen is very fragile. In response, Google specially in micro fiber loading box placed in hard plastic lining, thus further protect the vulnerable part of the Google glasses, but it also makes the whole package is quite large. So that users had better bring a big bag.”

8. Reply information difficulties: Google glasses user is difficult to edit reply information. For example, if you speak slowly and clearly, and there are no mistakes in grammar, so you still have the opportunity to send out a correct E-mail. But if Google glasses can’t accept the user’s language instruction correctly, then the user will have to delete the entire information content and the new.

it should be pointed out that, more than we collected these hardware and software problems are likely to be repair by Google after a period of time. But even if these problems are successfully solved, the user could still face some new problems.

not long ago, the famous master Robert Scoble science and technology (Robert Scoble) will wear the Google glasses for two weeks, and then wrote his review articles. Scoble think Google glasses, most worth having a camera function is more quickly. But the quality of the valley song glasses photos taken is still unable to match the latest iPhone or Android phone.

the former has a view that the social function of Google glasses may be more powerful than smartphones, because users can leave in the line of sight is not each other under the condition of the search and navigation operation. , scoble has carried on the counter, because the user’s eyes need to look up to activate the Google glasses, and also the one who is talking to you will know what you are doing. Scoble, meanwhile, also thought is still in its early development stage of Google glasses may lead to many social problems, such as when you are having dinner with his wife, each other are likely to be hot under the collar because you Google glasses; When you chat with friends went to the bar, the Google glasses you can give a person a kind of not feeling of devoting themselves to their conversation.

this is because, earlier in the process of communication with others to see your mobile phone is a kind of distracting signals directly, but after wearing the Google glasses, seems everything is sneaking up. In addition, another important problem facing the product is its price. At present, Google glasses price of $1500 has been more than the price, many consumers mind and had the media test, according to the results of practical operation ability but Google glasses and amazon’s Kindle device, while the latter costs a mere $159.

of course, it contains the current Google glasses good aspects, such as the product of ultra modern design let many people crazy about science and technology. But there is no doubt that we get from early evaluation results, the first generation of Google glasses still exist many problems, maybe this equipment at present is not enough to push the entire technology industry change.

translation: tencent technology