Google for starbucks to provide free Wifi, speed up more than 10 times

according to foreign media reports TechnoBuffalo science and technology, Google will take over starbucks all the wireless Wifi services (North America), and from now on for up to 18 months of wireless broadband upgrade services.

it is understood that after the upgrade, starbucks Wifi speed will increase at least 10 times more than the existing speed. If the upgrade services are included in the “Google” fiber, then speed after starbucks may soar into the existing more than 100 times.

in addition, the report also pointed out that if the user at Starbucks for the Wife connection, found himself the network appeared in the list of “Google Starbucks” option, it shows that the user can enjoy the super speed from Google.

however, I don’t know it from the search giant’s free dinner, whether to serve ads to users, as a condition?

PS: starbucks in China can’t enjoy this service. Why is that? You know what is Google in China treatment.