Google fiber boiled frog: traditional networks and mobile operators should be careful?

ultra-high-speed optical fiber network in some cities construction, is the silicon valley Internet giant Google new fancies.

however, if you only see it as a bizarre fantasies are wrong. Bernstein analyst said: in the long term, Google optical fiber may become a promising business, and will be the threat to traditional operators and mobile operators. The named Carlos Kirjner analysts said on Tuesday: “according to our proposal analysis, mobile and telecom operators in the field of investors to be careful, be careful be boiled frog.”

Kirjner in analysis report wrote: “we believe Google fiber short or medium term impact on traditional telecom and mobile operators is limited, after all, it takes time to deploy network.” “On a long view, however, you will find the layout of the Google far-reaching”.

the nation’s largest network operator is Camcast, AT& T and time warner.

Google fiber is deployment of three cities: Kansas city, the city of Austin and provo, Utah. Most analysts do not clear whether Google fiber intentions.

Kirjner, however, think that: “the current Google fiber of the risks and benefits. The future project lower possibility is very small, the possibility of income is very high. Think in terms of risk/reward, we think Google investors should actively look at Google fiber project. Google is steadily accelerate to develop new markets.”

Kirjner are not alone. Google fiber in Austin, began to deploy, another analyst Rob Enderle has published a similar view.

“it may mark the beginning of the collapse of the traditional network and mobile operators. If Google one day become than the RCA (radio corporation of America) and AT& T was stronger with operators, that this process began in this time, started in Austin.”