Google China renewable change! Want to say goodbye to Mr Liu

(editor: qing nan)

in the Google China withdrew from the storm in a few years, Google, Google global vice President Mr Liu, head of greater China failed to bring the company out of the predicament, with that he left. Today, Google company confirmed that Mr Liu will depart, Scott Beaumont will be replaced in the middle of August.

in September 2009, Mr Liu to replace lee, head of Google greater China. A few months later, Google began to adjust the market strategy in China. Since Google greater China, under the leadership of Mr Liu has been the main export promotion enterprise marketing, display advertising, mobile and other three business development. During the music business is camera shut down. Statistics show that from a third party, Google in China’s search market share has been falling.

Scott Beaumont took over after, or to the new Google China strategic adjustment.

here is a Google official response:

in the leadership of greater China business six years later, Dr John liu decided to leave Google. Over the past six years, Dr John liu in the greater China business development has played an important role, we sincerely thank him for this to make significant contribution. We will miss liu, Ph.D., and give best wishes for his future.

Dr John liu left, Scott Beaumont due to take over the middle of August, continue to help China’s partners in the development of the local and global market better. Previously, Scott Beaumont is responsible for strategic cooperation to expand Google in Europe.