“Google” challenges death into the real purpose of life sciences: use life extension to attract high-end talent

the latest issue of time magazine to “Google declares war on Google to death” cover story, tells the story of Google to explore human life science.

Google 9 on 18 day announced the formation of dedicated to human aging research, independent company the Calico . This is pregnant driverless cars, wearable computer with human long-term well-being of Google innovation factory Google X .

why as an Internet company, Google to enter the field of life science? In addition to idealism, do you have any other reality to consider?

The purpose of the

yes, Google’s move, to attract top talent:

there is two options before you: either in order to get a higher salary and better welfare to work, either already provides a good salary and benefits, and more likely to live more happily. Which would you choose?

and Google to provide staff is the latter, they are called the Calico “life extension” investment plan, they also said that everyone have the chance to get the offer .

earlier this year, the author participated in a social club, discuss how companies use a variety of management techniques to retain and attract talent better.

from Google, Twitter talk to cisco representatives of their company is how to get through recruitment and benefits strategy and retain the talent they want. According to the bloomberg reporter, to participate in the meeting were: at Twitter , head of the efficient learning Melissa Daimler. Collaboration cisco senior vice President and general motors, head of the Rowan Trollope. Personnel supervisor from Google Todd Carlisle.

Carlisle when it comes to their strategy said: “if you work in a company is having a good time, you may also live longer, then you won’t move.”

ought to saying that benefits the ultimate embodiment of the work, the much more appealing than the accommodation and for the fare. A good software engineer will bring you more benefit, because their work is to be able to easily on the platform cast away.

“Life extension”

if Google plans to make Google better more talent, so the program can be said to be very lucrative, their productivity will be the highest, for companies, a greater advantage, their rivals no better than they are engineers. And that’s why Google is not dismissed those engineers “idle”.