Google began attacking Microsoft home first shot: its Chrome desktop applications, desktop system built on stilts, turn them into Chrome OS

Chrome 5 one full year of life, Google to a less visible but it is very important to upgrade: Chrome desktop applications.

what is the Chrome desktop application? Google introduced what is the purpose of this update?


Chrome desktop applications are “independent” desktop applications, but attached to Google Chrome


PC or Mac desktop software, are independently installed and run independently. For example, the computer is an independent software, Chrome browser is a software independently. Chrome as Google launched by the browser, one based on Chrome app store, the inside of the application as the form of a list showing the Chrome browser, can open and use in the browser.

however, Chrome desktop application “traditional desktop software” and “ Chrome the boundaries between the application “in the browser, let these applications directly appear in the user’s local desktop, like installing a traditional desktop software. Let’s look at an example.

the first open the Chrome browser, open a new version of the app store, however, greeted is Google for the promotion of this new function is introduced:

click to enter Chrome desktop app store, and choose to install an application:

your desktop or quick launch toolbar will appear a class application drawer icon:

even if you close the Chrome browser, but you’ve just installed the Chrome used can click on the desktop. They are indeed Chrome store to provide application, however, with the appearance of traditional desktop software. And you drag the icon, place the individual in the quick launch bar.

but you can’t move the software management system at the to these applications. They still need to installation, management, unloading by Chrome. If the system is unmounted Chrome, these applications will disappear.

, Chrome the meaning of a desktop application: Chrome OS

Google published Chromecast later, my friend @ wuyu once made a judgment that ““. The Chrome desktop applications, further deepening the Chrome cloud platform conception.

a Chrome desktop applications, we later installed application apart from Microsoft’s app store ( Windows 8 version only) to buy, or directly download the software installation package installed, a more convenient channel: more to Chrome store.

this Chrome and desktop applications together with friends, and constantly raised its parasitic Windows and platform. The Chrome desktop applications, Google all installed Chrome browser devices are modified according to the Chrome OS equipment.

at present the idea has been taking shape, the next step is to provide the Chrome the quality and quantity of desktop applications. Before the Chrome application, many of them are simple web page to add a shell, does not have the function that is responsible for, far less than Windows/Mac OS the original application.

three, gives developers a chance one pace reachs the designated position cross-platform

as a software developer, wanted to explore Windows platform, you need to write up to the standard of Microsoft . program, develop Mac platform, too. However, Chrome desktop applications, provides a New possibility for developers: direct development based on Chrome