Google + as a “social ghost town? Many big companies account more than a month didn’t update

in order to meet this year’s May 5 section regional festival (Mexico), domino’s pizza updated Facebook the adornment of the home page, including the subject of Mexico guacamole, pizza, the new home decoration won the 2000 more than “like”. But Internet users log in + home page found only a handful of festival, is the latest update on 2012 in 10 month.

Google introduced its social networking products have two years time, Google is striving for its those loyal customers in the search market brands and enterprises to their social networks.

Google + boom, is important because its household names, it is not only laid a solid foundation for future potential business, also because Google users for its full of expectation, even there are so many people think that this is their favorite brands. But Google’s process is very slow, competition is everywhere, from Twitter to the amazon and other companies for this aspect of awareness and marketing budgets are growing fast. But + technical defects, and the enterprise seems to prefer insane flexibility.

+ the biggest problem is, the more users at the same time also use Twitter and Facebook and they Facebook there will be more time. + , said a spokesman for the + already has millions of brands and enterprises, and its service benefits beyond the Google + web home page, through the provision of social function of brand name products to Google’s growth in other products.

Google + to 2011 , 6 month for the first time, have 1 $ 3500 users, claims that users will actively use its website news flow and have 5 account. However, Facebook with at least every 11 $ the more active users, and Twitter is 2 . In America, according to Nielsen research digital, + 3 months time spent on the website is 6 points seconds, while the user 3 months of time spent on Facebook at least 6 hours, these figures don’t include the movement of the users on social networking sites app .

Online glasses company

Warby Parker Dave Gilboa said: “we are in the Facebook than + time longer the main reason is that our target customers in the Facebook the more active. Many enterprises in the + on a page, and expect Google to its powerful search services to join and enterprise benefit.

common a series of business activities on social networking sites, from the restaurant promotion to movie trailer is rarely in the + found on, its rivals Facebook and Twitter in the aspects such as the ability is growing. Google did not provide the user with the details of the business, but the user than on other social platform can get + information of high orders of magnitude.

Gilboa at the same time points out the key, + to Warby Paeker for other functions of the social networking site is more important, such as Google company YouTube . Reuters, Millward Brown ,