Google Apps by Microsoft blog is loss of enterprise big customers

Beijing time on May 12, according to foreign media reports, there is no doubt that Google Apps for Microsoft Office 365 “cash cow’s milk” constitute a great threat. Google claims that Google Apps now has 500 business users, its goal is to win 90% of Microsoft Office users.

the average person would think like this: once the enterprise to use Google Apps, so they will not have to use Microsoft blog. The Business Insider blog website of science and technology and has 4500 employees of found that after IT executives communication is not the same. last year almost gave up Google Apps and switch to use Microsoft Office 365.

the company IT director Michael? Camp stool (Michael Mazza) is to make the decision. He said: “we still have 300 employees in the company in the use of Google Apps.”

in fact, Michael? Lift is one of the “fans” of Google Apps, he had to push all the company staff are allowed to use this product. However, due to is a non-profit enterprise receiving federal government funding, they when choosing any IT service need to be more open tender. In the “head” of killing, Google lost, micro soft win final victory.

Michael? Mazar-e-sharif, said Microsoft Office 365 not only provides a better enterprise security, at the same time it also has some important features, such as an administrative assistant to manage people schedule or email. Microsoft Office 365 can also provide better after-sale support, and have more dealers.

“Microsoft Office 365 does not need to undertake any additional cost.” Michael? Mazar-e-sharif said: “we observed that both Microsoft and Google product purchase cost.”

“in addition, support from the sales team of Microsoft also is better than Google, they provides dealers with three kinds of solutions, to help them transfer email in the new system.” Michael? Mazar-e-sharif, said: “Microsoft team more work than Google team.”

we also heard the stories before. Toyota’s north American technology executives zack? Hicks (Zack Hicks) in November last year is given to the world he signed 200000 sets of Office 365 software, and expressed a lot of the same opinion.

Google’s lack of corporate clients expert disadvantage dampened it with Microsoft PK’s efforts. However, we expect that this kind of situation will not last long. Google is now frantically employ enterprise customer sales experts. Now Google has in its recruitment website lists the companies worldwide in more than 130 sales position.