Google announced Google glasses core source code

Beijing time on April 30, according to foreign media reports, recently, Google in intelligent glasses have irreparably reported constantly. Now, Google has released Google glasses at the core of the software, is now can be downloaded for developers.

technology blogger Karthik, said on Saturday in the Google Code site see the Google glasses core software source Code, and can be downloaded. In this brief post Karthik said the core software source code may not be suitable for has been on the web, and in deep zhuo core code page adjacent place may better, Google may be in the near future will be adjusted.

it is understood that the size of the core software of Google glasses is 65.7 MB, within 24 hours after uploaded, has been downloaded 3506 times. The software is fully open source, and USES the GNU GPL v2 license certification.

Karthik said after view the source code, the developer may be able to join the mobile payment function in the Google glasses. He said, “after reviewed the core code, I found some places need NFC (near field communication) support. Does Google glasses will support NFC function? In addition, considering the core code set up in the android code, so it is possible that own NFC driver?” Karthik, however, the table shows, this analysis is not necessarily correct.

prior to that, Google has clearly stated that Google glasses can allow the wearer to record video and browse the web. As for whether to support NFC, Google has made no formal description. The media have already contacted with Google on the issue, but the company said no comment in this respect.

other code snippet also showed that Google glasses user may only need to blink eyes can take pictures, move finger can enlarge or shrink the browser window.

for developers, Google has to offer them the lens (Mirror) API formal documentation and some example code, in order to develop the Google glasses of various applications in the future.

recently, big events emerge in endlessly about Google glasses:

– on April 15, Google disclosed the Google glasses technical specifications. Among them, the photos of Google glasses camera will support 5 million pixels and 720 p video; Achieved 12 gb available memory, the highest support 16 gb of flash memory, and support and Google cloud storage synchronization; In a wireless connection, will support wi-fi (802.11 b/g) and bluetooth technology; In terms of audio, through bone conduction sensor (ipads conduction transducer) for transmission.

— the same day, at a price of $1500 version of Google glasses Explorer prototype started to developers for sale. However, consumers want to buy Google glasses, may have to wait for gears.

– last week, Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) officially confirmed, Google glasses run on android, though it has nothing secret.

— on Wednesday, Google chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) called the Google glasses “of the product (the weirdest thing)”, and said the public should really habits and to accept that products may take a long time. This statement seems to Google pours cold water, because the company up and down are full of passion for the product.

– on Friday, iOS devices Cydia app store developers Jay “Saurik” – Mr Mann (Jay “Saurik” Freeman) said that have given Google glasses to succeed “prison break”. In the evening. Google glasses technical director Stephen liu (Stephen Lau) said, “this does not affect anyone, because we have not placed restrictions on the device. So, as long as the geeks like, anything can test on the Google glasses.”