Google acquisition of open source project startup Behavio

Beijing time on April 13th morning news, Google has bought a small startup called the Behavio, but did not disclose the specific amount.

Behavio is engaged in the development of an open source project called “FunF”, the company’s web site, said the project after the buyout by Google’s ongoing internal test will be shut down, Google will continue this project.

Behavio in last year’s SXSW interactive conference (SXSW conference is a major technology companies show creative work, many entrepreneurial teams demonstrate innovation project of the comprehensive convention), and in the show from the Knight Foundation (Knight Foundation) raised to $355000. Behavio is committed to the development of technology will be available for Android mobile phone into a data collection “sensor”.

is the head of the Behavio nader, aha Rodney (Nadav Aharony), he graduated from MIT media lab, a doctorate, he worked for the Google later, as the Android team product manager. Behavio website, the company co-founder Alan Gardner (Alan Gardner) and Cody Sumter (Cody Sumter) will also be joining Google, continue to work in the FunF project development.