Google acquisition Bump: through intelligent cloud computing to achieve data transmission between mobile devices

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Bump, founder and CEO said on its blog today, their company has been bought by Google.

Bump is a set of data transfer and sharing technology patents. Specifically, the company’s technology through two mobile devices together, then each other to transfer data text, images, etc. Unlike other companies that provide this service, Bump technology is not rely on our familiar NFC (near field communication).

Bump consists of two parts: running in the user equipment is a part of the application; The other is in the cloud intelligent matching algorithm. The application of the equipment can be through the contact sensors equipment, after equipment A the relevant data information uploaded to the cloud. The algorithm after the match, Bump will be under the data needed to equipment .

by the end of the 2011 , Bump now the amount has been breached 6000 , in spite of this, the profit pattern of fuzzy has been plagued by the company. Last year, 6 , Bump group has released a photo sharing application (figure, by identifying the photograph can be uploaded to the cloud pictures to share with all people in the picture), can not cause the proposed sensation.

Bump the current financing close to 2000 million dollars. Professionals believe that Google, after acquisition of the company will be the technology of fusion. For such a technology startups, no profit model, into the arms of giants like Google, it was a good choice. After all, Google in the field of personal cloud services, also has good strength.

at present, about the details of the deal was not disclosed.

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