Good medicine with jingdong break up behind the scenes: both sides want to holding

jiuzhou pharmaceutical group and jingdong once joint venture Beijing good medicine big pharmacy chain co., LTD., after showed the two shareholders cooperation fell through, kyushu link to buy back the shares held all good pharmacists jingdong. Recently, and announced that it will promote online medicine O2O mode alone, and at that time, the private “medicine group wholly owned by the largest form of online pharmacies become the focus of the medical and electronic business.

partners is a pharmaceutical wholesale, logistics, one is the electronic commerce, emotional joint between two original why end or to go their own way? Good medicine, head of the deputy general manager, online business disclosed to “the China business news” reporter an exclusive Li Caifen jingdong era after some insider “breakup” and good pharmacists electric business strategy.

because all want to break up holding

in kyushu in Beijing daxing base, there is a large office building. This building, in addition to the outside of the office is inside a huge drug storehouse. Today, the building the greater part of the four layers, about more than 2200 square meters, has now become a good doctor online medicine warehouse.

in July 2011, kyushu and jingdong formally signed an agreement, a joint venture to form a good medicine, determined to sell drugs market gets a online, in July, to officially declare termination of cooperation, after two years of time in the middle.

in the past two years, can really be called online pharmacies business running time less than just four months. With the rapid development of the four months, break up good pharmacists in July and jingdong, implements the monthly online medicine the results of more than 1500 1500 yuan, grow fast let hard for many years in the online auction medicine business enterprise be genuinely surprised.

although in July 2011, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, but cooperation both sides system transformation is rectified, then after two months of on-line debugging, until the last August began formal operation system. “8, 9, 10, 11, is the real sales for the four months, I remember we made 800000 yuan in the first month.” Li Caifen memories.

the status of jingdong in e-commerce industry since needless to say, kyushu tong is also famous in the field of medicine logistics. Domestic national drug wholesalers only four, the former three national medicine group, Shanghai pharmaceutical (11.44, 0.14, 1.24%), China resources north medicine is state-owned enterprises, the national medicine group and China resources north medicine is, Shanghai pharma is under the jurisdiction of the state-owned assets supervision and administration of large state-owned enterprises, Shanghai is only kyushu is the only private company.

according to kyushu in 2012 annual reports, annual sales income 29.4 billion yuan, net profit of 410 million yuan. Jingdong is one of the fastest-growing companies in electricity industry, last year’s sales of more than 600 one hundred million yuan.

why only four months of the two bosses honeymoon? Li Caifen can think of three reasons. First because although jingdong and kyushu joint restructuring of good medicine, but jingdong itself is an open platform, naturally think online store sell drugs but hundreds of millions of yuan’s turnover, the plate is not big enough to think or open platform to develop more partners, faster growth; The second is when two joint ventures are determined, the agreement is good medicine around the original branch cannot run alone, and shall take the original jingdong business of health care products and equipment are of good five classes in the pharmacist, agreement book too hindered the development of their death; Third, both companies want to gain control, although according to agreement via jiuzhou accounted for 51%, jingdong accounted for 49%, only 2%, but two strong leaders who are not willing to take the initiative to give up control of the good medicine.

does not give up jingdong platform

although kyushu flux and jingdong joint venture only on good medicine for two years, and the real operation is only 4 months, but Li Caifen admitted frankly that 4 months for a good pharmacist’s online sales have brought huge benefits.

returns from the first formed a complete team. Li Caifen said that although good medicine pharmacy was established ten years ago, but is engaged in the medicine online operation personnel have been very few. Worked with jingdong, she with employees, only four or five individuals involved in online sell drugs, and now, the team has grown to 150 people.

obviously, for a good medicine, and jingdong cooperation earnings comes from this appliance merchant giant huge traffic, the traffic for a unknown in the field of network medicine is good medicine, simply by just four months is among the top of the sales online pharmacies.

“last year is the first online pharmacies turn.” A industry officials said. Before and after last July, jingdong and cat medicine pavilion day at the same time, relying on huge traffic, drive to see the significant growth of online pharmacies markets ever had before.

Li Caifen think, leaving jingdong does not give good medicine sales bring too big change, while sales of good medicine basic maintain when the two split up about 15 million yuan a month. “This year, our goal is 240 million yuan, hope to be able to achieve.” Li Caifen said, “we have achieved during the first half of last year’s sales.”

good medicine now leave the jingdong solo, the personage inside course of study thinks it necessary to have a negative impact of its operations. Traffic is the biggest problem. Kyushu through smart, however, is not to give up the cooperation with jingdong, is still the jingdong merchants on the open platform, in addition, also open a shop on Tmall, enjoy a huge platform traffic dividends.

but in yong-qiang liang’s view, alongside the “flow” is not a long-term solution for professional pharmacy enterprise, medicine online success ultimately depends on their host.